How to focus in landscape photography? Very simple method of focusing on the hyperfocal distance.

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A new simple method of lens focusing to the hyperfocal distance, without having to understand the hyperfocal distance. More information here:


  1. muzz roomzz says

    thats fantastic man! i love this thank you so much

  2. whoissandytan says

    Hello Koldunov Brothers, after seeing this technique and have read all the comments. I’m assuming that you will still have to be wary or estimate the distance of your camera from the foreground based on the calculation of the hyper focal distance. I have 24mm lens and if I set it to f11, the hyper focal distance on a full frame should be somewhere at 6 feet. You would still want to maintain that 6 feet distance otherwise, if I use this technique and get too close to my foreground, the first/bottom part of my image/foreground will be soft or blurred out. Please confirm and correct me if I’m wrong… Thank you.

  3. Edmond Dantés says

    Hello! I'm using this technique, I set the diaphragm f11, I press the preview of the depth of field and I focus … but the first floor remains a bit soft, slightly out of focus … why?

  4. mchume65 says

    Nice video. At about 2:10, your lens and lens hood look very dirty.

  5. Peter G says

    Super Video

  6. ickleed1980 says

    I’m being a bit dumb here – apologies. I want to try this technique but just wanted to clarify ‘set to minimum focusing distance’ at around 1:49 mark. Do you mean turn the focus ring to the left or turn to lowest focal length on the camera?

  7. Jon Powell says

    Does this work on an STM Lens as I can’t get it to work? When I push the depth of field button then lens does not focus when I turn the focus ring

  8. the epiphonist II says

    I heard you don’t need to use the DOF preview button on Nikon cameras while you’re in live view. Great video, extremely helpful

  9. Omggg ty ty Ty! I got my first wide angle lens ajd must have watched 50 videos trying to figure this out and everyone confused me more and more. This is what I needed!

    Will this work for interior photography where I need the entire room to be in focus?

  10. Vivek Soni says

    What about the near focus objects, will they be sharp as the distant once after focus?

  11. Monique Espinet says

    Hello Koldunov brothers! I am a beginner and I struggle with getting everything in focus in my photos. I have an entry level camera the Canon eos rebel t6 and I do not have have the extra buttons on the front side of my camera to show my depth as you did in the video. How can I achieve getting everything in focus with my kind of camera? 🙂

  12. beavertown2006 says

    What if your lenses or cameras doesn't have the Preview Depth Of View Button? Any alternative? Best.

  13. Troy says

    Thanks! A method thats super easy and works!!

  14. Uillihans Dias says

    Coincidentally this how I shoot. You can always use a DOF calculator but by the time you can get your settings, the moment can be gone. Using live + DOF preview seems to be more effective when out in the field. Here’s some of my work

  15. ivan lopez says

    Yoooooo thank you so much ¡ awesome video

  16. Jeremy says

    f/64? What is this black magic?!

  17. Renno Komesu says

    Now I'm not sure if I should focus to infinity or focus 1/3 of the frame. I guess both yield good sharpness.

  18. Arif Mukhtar Hasbi says

    what about DSLR camera w/o DoF preview button?

  19. Juro Jimenez says

    Excellent Information..

  20. carl mcneill says

    You just blew my mind! I've never seen this before. I'll have to try this.

  21. Anna Schaffer says

    Спасибо вам большие за ваши работы, братья К. Все что вы делаете очень помогает.

  22. Arkadiusz Stachurski says

    usefull tip 😀

  23. Hussein Bino says

    simple and convincing. for me as a beginner in landscape photography…….thanks guys

  24. Kalpana Reddy says

    The best explanation on youtube.

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