fractal prisms for photography…are they worth buying??

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In this video, I review a prism product for photographers called “Fractals”! I show you each one, test them out in a photoshoot situation and let you know my final thoughts!

NOTE: This video *WAS ABSOLUTELY NOT SPONSORED* in any way shape or form. I bought this on my own because I wanted to review it.



  1. Brandon Woelfel says

    “My fbi agent recommended it to me” HAHAHA

  2. sal sin says

    Jessica, WHO IS THAT MODEL THO!?😂🔥 🔥 Instagram handle?🤭

  3. karl08701 says

    Jessica spoke on some good points…and yes she was holding it wrong, I own this tool they are made very well, this tool is for anyone looking to take their photography to a different view point, if you own lensbabys product this will fit along the same line….since I shoot fashion I love the different images I can make with this product…I think when people think of photography they forget that what makes all images unique and different is the imagination of each and everyone of us…

  4. Makeda Sandford says

    good concept, poorly executed on their part!!

  5. sean fisher says

    Is there a link for it

  6. Osito Kintsugi says


  7. Rosie Schiavone says

    "I have like two friends" LMAO MOOD

  8. Lucas Felix says

    The number three is just the Pac Man. (I really need stop play video games)

  9. Michelle Ziegenhagen says

    Have you tried Lensball?

  10. TheBuffNerds says

    You should check out PrismLensFX! They make dope handheld devices for mounting prisms for photo and video! you can actually mount it to your camera so you don't have to hold it!!!

  11. Kimberly Nguyen says

    I just feel like Brandon is shaking watching this video

  12. Ka Pe says

    What metering mode do you usually use? I have a 6d and use the evaluative metering mode, but I can’t seem to understand when and more important HOW the spot metering should be used. Could you please share some insights? I would be really grateful. 🙂

  13. mistakenappearances says

    I’ve owned these since the Kickstarter and the brass knuckles are super super handy. And you get used to them.

    Not sure how useful they’d be, the knuckles, for a fashion photographer. But for a wedding photographer, they’re the end all be all.

  14. ChaChii Yeon says

    I think these prisms are good background effects when pointed to the sunlight 😍

  15. Brian Banks says

    Use the first and third together. 🙂

  16. Ahala Lovely says

    Could always go to hobby lobby or a decorative place that sells the fake decor diamonds. i got mine for way cheaper than that and putting them in front of the lens works the same way! can also use chandelier glass pieces.

  17. Kari LuLu says

    Hang them in your window. Now. You'll enjoy the effects for yourself without using them or carrying them around.
    Ps. I have a bunch of light weight, vintage 1970s slide-on filter effects that are way easier than this.

  18. Iyanna Gabrielle says

    You should do a video on different ways Photographers can send photos to their clients. Sometimes for beginners it can be tough on how to decide how to send them because some programs kill the quality.

  19. Kiera Jo says

    Glad you found a cool product to use and review for us! I like watching makeup videos as well as photography videos, and you're right–makeup "hauls" and unboxings are much easier to come by than photography gear. Expensive makeup is like a little over a hundred dollars for one luxury product… expensive lenses are like… $1,300 to $10,000 for one lens. starts laughing laughing dissolves into tears after 10 seconds Though at the same time, I'm willing to spend $1000+ on a lens (and I have a few times at this point in my photography journey), but I have yet to spend over $20 on a single makeup product.

  20. jkb says

    It’s fractals, not fractals. Some people also pronounce it fractals, but it’s definitely fractals 🙄 Thought the results where pretty cool actually

  21. SirGrey says

    I agree… The prism makes more sense.

  22. Leen Said says

    2:39 gosh😂😂😂💓

  23. Marco Gruebler says

    ok that stuff is WEIRD. definitely not my style of photography…
    but glad to see you show it to us, so i know before having to try myself 😀

  24. Darian James says

    was focusing difficult?

  25. WakaLlord says

    أحب أشرطة فيديوك كثيرا!

  26. Elizabeth Page Photography says

    Love this review! I have these for music photography & found out about them at a show. I really like the Pacman one tbh… I wrap it in something else other than the huge bag they give you. The other ones are kinda extra and bulkier…. just to give another 2 cents I like the "brass knuckles" design but I feel like I only pull these out a few times once in a while to get a unique shot.

  27. P.S. W says

    With how heavy they look and that you get three in there, they look like really nice quality. I would probably buy it 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. Nikk Wong says

    Hey all, just learned about all the controversy here. Thanks Jessica for helping us find people who we've lost touch with; there was a time when I was trying to manage everything myself and a lot fell through the cracks. Big mistake, and I've been doing my best to fix it. Now, we respond to email and facebook messages daily; I don't think we miss any, so if you haven't gotten your filters, kindly send me an email at and we can get the filters or a refund sent to you promptly. I hate seeing businesses screw people over, don't want anyone feeling that way, please get in touch! thanks 🙂

  29. Bg Jimy says

    $100 for this bye.

  30. Lucy Billington says

    I love the concept of the video but I would have loved to have seen you use it on a shoot and review it properly. I know you added a few photos in but to have a small video of you using it on shoot and playing around with it a little more. Giving an accurate review of it having been used instead of an off the mark review using it directly at the camera

  31. Al Mery says

    Hello Jessica! Do you speek Arabic? I thought I heard you do! I'm moroccan and I'm one of your big fans!

  32. FOXDIE says

    Tina Eisen did some awesome work with these recently.

  33. Zah Raz says

    I understood you just fine when you spoke Arabic. And I'm not even from Lebenon, so I don't know that dialect.

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