Best Camera, Lenses & Photo Editing For Beginner Photography

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This video for BEGINNERS who are interested in starting in photography!
In this video I give you my recommendations on what camera, lens and photo editing applications any beginner interested in photography can buy!



  1. Dixie Neisler says

    I love the canon rebel SL2 too

  2. Flower I says

    I love the comparison to the makeup pallet!

  3. ChaChii Yeon says

    All clear I learned a lot thank you Jess ! 😊💗

  4. helen kotta says

    What do u think about Nikon D5300 and Canon 700D? Could u plz make a review about it?

  5. Travis McGhee says

    Great advice.

  6. Heydi Ponchera says

    I personally started working with photoshop and Lightroom was intimidating for me but that shows how not everything works the same for you and you should always experiment

  7. Maks says

    I never used presets on lightroom lmao- i just do my own thing and it turns out great 90% of the times Q.Q

  8. Kunal Thanekar says

    thank you or this video.
    i am using canon 80d with canon 50mm1.8 STM.
    is there any issue with fullframe lenses on APS-C body..?
    i am facing lot of sharpness issue with wide open aperture @ f/1.8,
    and it works little better @ f/2.8 but the not able to get much shalow depth of field.
    is there any solution for this using customised picture styles in camera.
    can you please help regarding this ?
    i can send you the sample images.
    thank you

  9. Rachel Edington says

    Can you post a link to the prism and do a video on how to use it?

  10. Laleeee0000 says

    so i have a question, this might sound dumb but i really don't get it:

    i want to get the canon 50mm 1.4 but idk if i need a specific camera for that. Can anyone tell me which camera should i get with the canon 50mm 1.4? Ad someone please explain…. do all the lenses fit different cameras?

    edit:jessica if you can answer this pleaseee do i know you know but i don't 😂

  11. Q?rius me says

    Very nice video. Really enjoyed it. Just could not understand the make up analogy. Could you explain it in terms of car parts please so we guys understand… haha 😀

  12. babor uddin says


  13. paul alsup says

    Nikon…..much better cameras all round.

  14. Cool Clash says

    All you have to do is review the camera not waste everyone’s time. It is that easy just stop

  15. lenny2527 says

    Would be nice if you also cover non-Canon camera for beginners from brands like Sony and Fujifilm.

  16. youreall wizards says

    Makeup tutorial!

  17. Tommy Bastian says

    thank you

  18. Razz Clash says

    "Cannon 6D mark 2 " is it good for beginners?? Plzzz telll mee

  19. Brandon Schiavone says

    Those are perfect recommendations. I started with a t6i and honestly that is a dope little camera it has a ton of features and is very easy to use. I had the t6i the 85mm f1.8, 50mm f1.8, and the 35mm f2 all of those are under 600 and they are super fast for such cheap lenses the lower fstop means more light and shallower depth of field (more background blur). Beginner tip multiply the focal length by the crop factor of your cameras censor. It may sound complicated its not all you need to know in the beginning is a 35mm lens on a cropped censor camera is actually a 56mm lens. Canon has a crop factor of 1.6 and everything else is 1.5. Sooo 35 x 1.5= 52.5 and a 50 x 1.5= 75mm. It is important to know so you dont buy something that you didnt want so if you want a true 35mm on a beginner camera you will need to buy a 24mm lens.

  20. sowmi ! says

    I've been watching all your videos recently on repeat, it really inspires me so much to do photography! Thank you jessica 💙 I really hope one day I can be as confident as you!

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