Apple iPhone X Street Photography — First Impressions

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First impressions of the iPhone X camera on launch day for street photography around London

I picked up an Apple iPhone X on the very first day of release, to test out how well the new camera would perform in a street photography environment. Similar to my other street photography vlogs, follow my journey around Paddington in Central London, capturing shots and testing out the new features of the camera.

I am incredibly impressed with the quality of the iPhone X camera! Having upgraded from the iPhone 6, this was my first time playing with the portrait mode using the dual wide and telephoto lenses. The iPhone X also includes new features such as portrait lighting effects and portrait mode on the front-facing camera via the face ID sensors (results are sometimes questionable).

I’m super excited to continue testing out the iPhone and posting my shots here as well as on my Instagram (@joeallam), so make sure you subscribe to this channel to catch future videos, if you haven’t already!

If you have suggestions for photography apps or ideas for what you’d like me to cover in a video, please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Joe Allam says

    Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying the new iPhone X if you've got one! What are your thoughts on it for photography? ✌️

  2. Marcian Knowles says

    Just watching this as I debate going to the X or XR from my 6S. Thanks for the vid.

  3. aidsgill says

    whos watching this on an Xs?

  4. Hector Valeriano says

    Amazing video man! I love the vibe you’re videos give off, love the UK scenery too !

  5. Vexii says

    Im so sad. I cant afford a phone like that:(

  6. Matthew says

    Your hair look like pissa tower hehe

  7. Harsimran Singh says


  8. Michael's Life says

    "So this is what happens when you use just one camera and using ksoftware to do the depth effect"

    The pixel 2 and 2XL begs to differ. Take this case to court the pixel wouldn't need a lawyer

  9. Ratnesh Shastri says

    Samsung 9 note best

  10. wasif gee says

    Please make a video of ilford, london

  11. PEI Blue red says

    x 真的是一件艺术品手机

  12. علي دلو says

    شكرن لك

  13. Shawon Dewan says

    which city this is.??

  14. Djamal Dg. says

    Do you activate HDR ?

  15. mahfuz Islam says

    Nailed it!

  16. Mru Iz says

    But p20 pro Huawei more better quality pics in fact 🙂

  17. emmaromanosalad 17 says

    I like portrait mode on iphone8 a lil more

  18. The Universal Mike says

    I thought mews were cat words. 😂

  19. dorina popa says

    I switched from Android to IPhone X looking for a good camera. While pics on the phone look good, when I print them out, they look blurry, rough features on face, unnatural colors, people look like being cut and pasted on a background…very unnatural- worse than printing from a flip phone… I tried printing from the phone, cloud, tried different printing shops, heic, JPEG formats, still bad. I wonder if anyone had the same problem- I am thinking I am not using the camera properly…? Thanks for any suggestions!

  20. Tejas Tejas says

    I like you are hair style

  21. Famous Soni says

    Good work keep it up

  22. LRK Official says


  23. Photo Sentences says

    This "Nodge" is in every iPhone Packagin…!

  24. Andria Chatzigianni says

    I came here for the iPhone, and I saw my old neighborhood! Amazing Video! 😉

  25. Austin's Thoughts says

    I made an Instagram account just to flex the iPhone X camera because, its probably the nicest camera I've had on a smartphone yet, not as good as my DSLR but its getting there! If you wanna know the account name its @happyxvalley and yeah I only take shots with the iPhone in State college area, and no Photoshop (except the profile pic).

  26. Edward Bishop says

    I have the iPad Pro 10.5, not a phone person, iPad Pro 10.5, has the best cam on any tablet

  27. wael hussien says

    Thanks very much for this ❤️ but i have a question.Is the night mode with led flash on the X make a red-eye photos? And what's your software version on the X? thanks.

  28. Murtaza Hussaini says

    Hey .!
    In my Phon
    Effected and portrait photos Become simple after 24hrs .!!
    How can I fix that .??
    ([email protected])

  29. Asia Nasser says

    What app you use to make montage?

  30. The Freelancer says

    Isn't those Hyde Park Garden Mews where they filmed the Christmas Carol guy scene with Keira Knightley from Love Actually?

  31. The Freelancer says

    iPhone X + Moment Lens + Darkroom 🙂 That's the game!

  32. albert olivera says

    what program do you use for edit the pics ??

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