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Poor Bubbles is horrified when she takes a bad school photo! Blossom and Buttercup try to cheer their sister up.

Episode: Bubbles of the Opera


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  1. IdrissieRules! 2009 says

    This is just like Bea from Fish Hooks when she got a bad one, too!

  2. Janet Villalta says

    You're supposed to say "Cheese"!

  3. split Man says

    This is the worst reboot ever. Listen all you kids that our reading this would you rather see superman going to school what you do every day or see him finding crime and saving people?

  4. Janya Deshields says

    I seen this 🙄

  5. Mariela cosman says

    Quisiera que vuelvan a dar las chicas super poderosas z 2018

  6. Arshad Mahmood says

    1:52 sounds like joey graceffa XD

  7. Daniel Mendez says


  8. Violetta Ambrozy says

    Lol bubbles looks cute

  9. Alyo na says


  10. I Don’t Need A Name o _ o says

    Yay Bubbles is bad photo

  11. Karen Rogers says

    Can f she get to fdc he ggcehhcr it Rd to go for coffee to hit do to thing so many dthcfcyg for to hlgohkjubhfgo she vg go to will we will figure ugfgcgcf

  12. Sega Sonic Z says

    Did you guys know that there is an anime version of this show

  13. Gloomy Animates says


  14. Amy Rose says

    “Looks like Bubbles isn’t the cute one anymore” XD 😂😂😂

  15. Pickle Nick says

    This show needs to die!

  16. mlcaughell mlcaughell says

    When will season 3 of Sonic boom be out

  17. guillermo acosta says

    I hate seeing poor baby bubbles cry😢

  18. Ricardo Castañeda says

    Cool is amazing

  19. Sam Nick says

    I thought its gone and finished

  20. Jacob Wilkes says

    “When Bubbles doesn’t have a school photo for her yearbook, she enlists the help of Blossom, and Buttercup to do the right thing.”

  21. Lacey PowerPuff says

    I WANT TO HUG BUBBLES!!!!!!!!!

  22. art master says


  23. mohammedGAMES YT says

    i saw this part

  24. A Crystal Shard says

    It's just stay at home go to school stay at home, walk round the neighborhood go to school…. WHERE IS THE CRIME FIGHTING

  25. Ariel Snow and Sea says

    Bubbles is adorable ❤

  26. superkeegan9100 says

    Poor Bubbles… 🙁

  27. Erika Myers chewy says

    So cute

  28. I feel so sorry for Bubbles.

  29. King of Kittens says


  30. Naminski says

    Looks like Bubbles is giving a bad school photo.

  31. Colin Lee says

    Plz upload craig of the creek

  32. Leafy Is Awesome says

    Great video Cartoon Network

  33. Lahmacunッ ッAcılı says


  34. Lahmacunッ ッAcılı says


  35. William Jean says

    Colossians 3:4 "When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory."

  36. hafashan km says


  37. KyleKick Power GlimTKO says

    What the Skittles

  38. CatFox says


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