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This is a Request by a suscriber! (AidzQG YT) thanks to his/her!

Use the kgftbz Pose Mod for make this, sorry, maybe my english is bad, y speak spanish. But i try make videos like this, please leave me a like, please leave a comment with what you want to do for the next video, I’ll sure make it!

Yandere-Chan Taking a School Photo!
Kgftbz Pose Mod. I Hope you like it!

Esto fue una solicitud de una suscriptor/a (AidzQG YT), gracias a el/ella por darme la idea!
Estoy usando el Mod de Kgftbz para hacer esto, trataré de hacer más videos como este, porfavor, dejame un like, un comentario con lo que quieras que haga en el próximo video! Seguro que lo haré!

Yandere-Chan Tomando una foto escolar! 😀

  1. {Pastel Princess} says

    The Occult club is now the LOVE club


    And budo , kokona, osana and guys artes marciales


    And budo , kokona, osana and guys artes marciales

  4. Jashua Ojeda says

    Where is kokona,Osana,rivels

  5. Oka Ruto says

    And Kokona, Osana, Nemezis, Rival-chan. ??????

  6. Robert Palacpac says

    here is kokona????😓😓😓

  7. Sams Moreno says

    And Rival-chan?

  8. new Life abir says

    And you

  9. Kurczak Kasia says

    Where is KOKONA???!!!

  10. Anime DiamondZ says

    I love the music so much! THANK YOU ALVARO!

  11. Dark Love YT says

    THE OCCULT CLUB IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Ionela Oana says

    OSe ac o Elfn

  13. _Dasha Meow_ says

    А как же Катрина?

  14. Здравствуйте 23

  15. A Minecraft Dude says

    Kokony disappeared😱

  16. Alfredo Aguilar says

    Y Cocona

  17. Potato-Gamer321 says

    Where da big titty comitte A.K.K. Kokoni

  18. Nuke Kutt says

    I like the occult club

  19. Nuke Kutt says

    What is that music

  20. And musume is sm0|<ing a pen 😀

  21. кинет- kinet says

    Arts club no 😧😧😧😧😧😧😟😟😡

  22. freshy Sorndee says

    U forget kokona chan

  23. HOI !!!! says

    I Think your Missing A LOT of Kids

  24. Crizelda Amarento says

    Pose mod ayano and senpai

  25. Cayetana Gamer says

    and kokona???

  26. Shaoran Li says


  27. Dey Seff21 says

    WTF ocult club….😹😹 ( the first pose )

  28. Smol’ Melon says

    Where is kokona and Osana?

  29. PrincessFrancy says

    Can you kill kokona

  30. Andrea Medina says

    But were is Kokona, Amai, Osana, Megamo, Osoro, Asu,

  31. Valentinus Matthew says

    Where's kokona and osana ?

  32. Shadowtime says

    You forgot some but since it took so much hard work I think it's great with or without the missing students.

  33. PockySprinkle Chan says

    Museme is cut off

  34. Ace Sy says

    Lol I like Oka's pose mode 😂 And were is kokona?🐈🐱

  35. Hi_The_Namez_Miku hewwo says

    Wheres kokona?

  36. Mia Ocasio says

    Where is koukona dude

  37. Kaja Więckowska says

    Photo:kokona kill Senpai and you sleep and Kiss senpai

  38. Kaja Więckowska says


  39. Kaja Więckowska says


  40. Kaja Więckowska says

    Teacher sleep power

  41. Tim the blue eyed person says

    y u didn't get all of the students students

  42. my aesthetics msp says

    Wow!Great!Keep up your good work!It might be amazing for you!Well good job for your Friends in Yandere Simulator Pose Mod Picture!😮😮😃🌁🏛And i wanted you to make a PARTY POSE MODS!With them all!😊😁😃🏛

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