Posing Guidelines for High School Senior Photography with Lindsay Adler

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Senior portrait photography creates opportunity for creative expression.

In this clip from Lindsay Adler’s creativeLIVE class, Posing 101, she’ll share here five best guidelines for photographing high school seniors.

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  1. Ben Jones says

    ESP, Expression Sells Portraits. Just because the pose is comfortable does nor mean it will look good. For example look at your driver's license. The pose was very comfortable but chances are you look like a convict. Too bad she didn't show some images to demonstrate her technique.

  2. Stu Shapley says

    Much respect. Lindsay does such a good job of explaining her technique. Her shooting at noon tutorial has been invaluable for making shots in the killer Texas midday sun work.

  3. B H says

    Thank you Lindsay! You make it seem so easy..  When you're great you're great! I'll keep practicing.. 🙂   

  4. Alan Carr says

    Nice good video photography work, u can also publish in Youpic.

  5. Kevin Rowland says

    No palms wtf

  6. Japanica Hunter says

    Lindsay you are remarkable, the clarity is excellent the training is a necessitybecause the small things are a large part of the images… Were are your trainings held our were can we get a dvd of the entire training.. Thank you so much

  7. Michael Stenhjem says

    Lindsay has quickly become one of my favorite photographers! Such an amazing teacher.

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