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Allen of Damn Good Reviews gives an in-depth review and demo of the photo retouching software Portrait Professional v12 from Anthropics.

Photos that were used in this video are all creative commons through flickr.

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  1. richardhalo says

    Jesus this is atrocious. You can do a better job with clone stamp and a few brushes and settings.

  2. stefan macovei says

    hi, where can I download, Portrait Professional 12? and licensed , thx!

  3. Kathy Loveless says

    Hard to hear you sir..

  4. Giutubo Spatubo says

    I have nothing against this or any other editing program, but I think making people look much better than they are it's a terrible human tendency. It's like lying to ourselves. Sorry guys, I know this is not a philosophical forum, but I had to say it.

  5. charliebe28 says

    I HAD AUDITIONED the "free test-trail" version of Anthropics "Portrait Pro" back a few years ago (around late 2011). Even though I thought at-that-time that the software was very promising -, still, in some regards I was "underwhelmed" by the degree of usefulness it had, or the "realism" of the finished edited photos. However, at-that-time I was still a newcomer not-only to computers, but also to digital photography; and I promised myself then that I would buy the software sometime in the future, after I had become more experienced with both of those technologies.
    ~ After having seen this demonstration, I must say that I am very pleased with the IMPROVEMENTS to this software. For instance, the "face sculpting" capabilities are MUCH better that the earlier versions. I already have bought Photoshop Elements 10 (about three years ago), and even though the Photoshop software has much capabilities, it CAN BE very "labor intensive" to accomplish certain editing tasks. I DID always like the "push-button simplicity" with which the "Portrait Pro" worked (…actually, it is more like "slider simplicity"; but, "you know what I mean"). Now that I've seen this demonstration, I plan to buy the "Portrait Pro" in the near future.

  6. Darlene Allen says

    I have been working in this program for the past two weeks and all of a sudden when trying to save an image I had been working on this is the message box I got from PP 12:  "Cannot reload original image to transform color space.  If you have moved or deleted this file, please restore it to its original location:……"  I have not moved nor deleted to photo.  In the end I cannot save it and simply have to delete the work I put into it.  It gave me a location to restore the photo but I never saved nor worked with it from that location:  "CUsersDarleneAppDataLocalTempPPfilt-1420141028-5ZY4.tiff
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

  7. ChickOnRadio says

    Hi Allen, This is a fun program for me to work with, but there is one thing I have not figured out. I start with a very large file, but when I'm finished editing a portrait and save it, the file is about 50% smaller. Also, I don't love how the skin looks when I zoom in.

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