1. Rob O says

    Move south to the states Irene. I’m 1/4 Ukrainian and I love it down here. LOL. In California I can shoot outside almost every day year round. No rain for 7 or 8 months a year. Camera opportunities are limitless. Oh, as an aside, I think your most beautiful model is You. Love your stuff Irene you’re a real pro and great gal.

  2. Robert East says

    Thanks! I thought I was alone out there improvising all the time. This kinda comforts me.

  3. Art My Crush says

    Nice photography..👍👍👍👍👍👍

  4. StuMPlay says

    Thanks, good idea! Is it possible to arrange in the apartment? Sorry for my English.

  5. Game fotoz says

    ارجو منك نشر قناتي انا مصور فوتقرافي واقوم بعمل شروحات للمبتدئين احتاج دعمك لي وشكرا لك.

  6. Jack Black says

    Ирка Рудник, как тебе Канада?

  7. Nitsch Ákos says

    Wow. You are so beautiful!

  8. Head 2 Toe Theatrical says


  9. Kevin Fleszar says

    merci pour la vidéo tres instructif je m'abonne à ta chaine. French kiss

  10. qwqwqwqw Borodmit says

    You fool silly Canadian paint in water and paint paper from a spray bottle. From Russia with love, stupid.

  11. Delia Cabrera says

    I would like to know what kind of light should I used best for best results. ???? With the lamp I just get shadows

  12. Amir says

    Мило. Спасибо

  13. Danvico says

    You are beautiful

  14. William Humphrey says

    Very nice !

  15. Xzora Unicorn says

    Why is your face LOOK SO PALE! see the deferent between her arm and face?

  16. annastayziaa says

    Thank you love!

  17. njimenez210 says

    All these Canadian store references are confusing lol 😀

  18. Ash Law says

    Thank you so much! Very informative & creative. I appreciate this video! ♥️👍🏼😊

  19. VIRAAJ Sharma says


  20. Rachelle says

    Stick to your talent! 🙂 go girl xoxo

  21. Wir für uns says

    Intelligent, Creativ und Schön 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤

  22. Francis Ruz says

    What camera do you recommend for beginners with no experience?

  23. j k says

    I love you irene ia lublu tibia

  24. Bill Money says

    Did anyone notice how well she filled out those jeans? Nice.

  25. juna wood says

    Thanks for the information

  26. Nek Medina says


  27. Peter Ange1o says

    you look so white !

  28. shootme photographer says

    nice to sharing your idea here – thanks

  29. Olalekan Okeowo says

    Very on point with valuable tips. Thank you dear

  30. Angel says

    Yesss girl do yo thang!!!

  31. mudassir shah says

    you great irene i follow your steps

  32. Homar Almanza says

    Puedes aser un video en espaniol? Me encantas

  33. Día a Día del Cosmopolita says

    Te felicito, pero quiero preguntarte ¿la luz del tlevisor no te afecta, por los cambio de tempertura o colores?

  34. Soikat Shahriyar says

    should show some simple photos you were clicked .

  35. PDNS Family says

    Are you from Calgary?

  36. Sukhwinder Singh says

    you are good jobs and i proud of your work

  37. Ingen Studio says

    Wonderful video. Can I share it?

  38. NK says

    Wow 😌😍thank you ,this was so insightful

  39. world's vlogs says


  40. Kabir says

    You are an amazing Photographer, teacher and motivator. Just love everything of yours.✌

  41. Slipknot México says

    Yeah, is about creativity, not about money

  42. Stitch Vlogs says

    This is what I have been looking for

  43. Terrencefc Nacinopa says

    I love how the way to speak I totally loved it!!

  44. Lola D'milua says


  45. Naim Mo says

    You took an amazing picture

  46. Clavers Odhiambo says

    Thank you 🙂 I feel encouraged

  47. HT M says

    You make me feel Good, like a nice friendly hug, Thanks…

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