Cheap Alternative to Rode Mic Windshield | DigitalFoto Micolive Mic Blimp

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Review + comparison of this new mic shock-mount & windshield to my trusty old Rode mic windshield. Join me on Patreon for extra content!
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Get this Mic Windshield and Shock Mount on
Amazon Germany
Amazon UK

Auray Carbon Fiber Boompole on

Rode Blimp Windshield on

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder on

Mount the recorder to the boom-pole using this

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My name is Tom Antos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 20 years experience in VFX & animation.

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  1. JS_filming says

    Nice Review ut in the whole Video the sound sounds like crap…… Basicly like very low bitrate…. Why?

  2. Pitch Accurate says

    You guys do the most comprehensive video production reviews online. Great job! Cheers!

  3. PanDown TiltLeft says

    The Amazon page uses 2 stills of you Tom.

  4. Photographic elements says

    Even cheaper is the PROAIM blimp, shock mount & wombat wind screen for 115.00 at Amazon.

  5. Vegard Pedersen says

    Hey Tom what case do you use to hold the Zoom H5 recorder? I have the same recorder myself.

  6. Video Ninja says

    For all of my fellow indie/non union ballers on a budget, sound gear is a great deal if you buy used!

  7. hautehussey says

    Sounds like it blocks more frequencies than the rode.

  8. Nj Shaji says

    good sir thank u so much

  9. Hans Zimniak says

    When considering the "genuine" RODE, take also a look at the "Rycote Super Blimp NTG Kit". It's a lot more compact and stylish, has a more efficient construction for easy mounting a mic and the overall performance beats the RODE one.

  10. Hans Zimniak says

    At this size of furry wind protection, the thing is called a "dead wombat". Decreasing in size there are also dead "cats" and "kittens".

  11. Vasiliy Ivanishvili says

    "cheap" is not same "bad"! 😉

  12. Jun-Rod Gragasin says

    Why not just use an electric fan or something to test it? Just my thought

  13. Gary Li says

    Awesome video, keep the passion !

  14. DigitalFoto Solution says

    good job

  15. Nedd Jacobs says

    Tom Thank you again, I was literally Just about to get the Rode, and watched the video and Ordered this for some upcoming work. Will put it to a Production test. and Got it at the Price you mentioned. don't know why others are finding it Higher.

  16. Bill Kujawa says

    It’s 180.00 now not 240.00

  17. RustyTube says

    Sounds to me like they let Røde pay for all the R&D and have just stole the design.

  18. Krisia Vaca says

    As we were watching the video (kids and me) Andrzej shouted "phoebe mama" when he saw the dead cat cover. haha!

  19. ig33ku says

    I came for the good looking dude and the review.

  20. kelvin atura says

    love from Kenya

  21. Z Red says

    Crazy I got my Rode Blimp MKII for 185€ in Germany new! (210 USD)

  22. halffulltome says

    Video has only been up 1 hour and the product costs $70 more than you claim in the video.

  23. Snuggs Stovall says

    Every site is $240 bucks bruh. Decreases the value of this video drastically. Odd because they have ALWAYS been $240. Might as well drop the extra $60 and get a RØDE for the warranty alone. OR do what I did and buy two (slightly) used RODE blimps for $300 (both). At $150 it's a bargain. At $240 I'd pay the extra $60.
    Would have rather seen a review of the AURAY boom pole. It's the best bang for buck on the market these days truth be told.

  24. Jamie oxenham says

    I use the proaim blimp, its amazing, and only runs $153 on! No regrets!!

  25. Vladimir Talijan says

    It is only $50 cheaper than the Rode one, it should be half the price to even think about it.

  26. June Lopez says

    Come on bro – $240 – I rather pay more and stick to quality but it is a nice copy

  27. MunkyChunk says

    It looks very profesional!

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