Bridal Photo-shoot : Divya Khosla Kumar | Reynu Taandon – Part – 2

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Presenting you the Bridal Photoshoot featuring The Multi-talented Lady, Divya Khosla Kumar! She is looking drop dead gorgeous in Reynu Taandon.

Director Sarvesh Sharma
DOP Vikram Singh Rawat
Video by Rajusha Productions
Designer Reynu Taandon
Stylist Gautam Kalra
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  1. Pari Zaidi says

    Fabulous Divya di

  2. Raj Kumar says

    I Love you Divya khosla

  3. Abhi Kumar says

    Bhushan chutiye ne kitna enjoy kiya hoga…….

  4. Cool Dude says

    LOL. she is just good for this. Rich bimbo. Wearing expensive dresses and flaunting. 😂😂

  5. Neha Chauhan says

    Very beautiful

  6. leah dragneel says

    Nine year olds will protect the king at all costs.

  7. KinG raza says


  8. Alok Nath says

    Shes beautiful

  9. Madina Javed says

    Amazing 😚😚😚😚

  10. nisha gupta says

    Bhot sundar designs hain…

  11. Shivam Panwar says

    mother of a child and still look like a new bride😍😍😍😍ossaaam🤗🤗🤗

  12. priyanka meena says

    Most beautiful

  13. Monika Sharma says

    Who is she and why she is famous 🤔

  14. Mehr Khan says

    Who is shee?

  15. Gyanesh Kumar Yadav says

    Jawab nahi

  16. Armani's Malik's says

    nice Divya khosla Kumar

  17. Your Boy says

    Send bobs n vegene pls

  18. muskan khan says


  19. hiệp nguyễn says

    sub me, please.

  20. Transistor Express says

    Pewdipe will never fall!

  21. Đinh Anh says

    well —–wonderful

  22. Floppin says

    Why does this channel have 58 mil. Subs?

  23. Friendly zone says


  24. IndianPop Music says

    Lo Safar Video Song 700 million Views

  25. urdas says

    This sucks balls

  26. Bipin Sarma says

    Divya looks so stunning

  27. I Love INDIA says

    Very Nice 👌👌

  28. Riya Balawat says

    Nice 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💞

  29. joseeldestruc AMOR2015 says

    Like si vienes del canal de wefere

  30. DespacitoMosquito says

    iS tHaT a BiRd

  31. Mr.Hasnain Gouri says

    Suscribe my channel and like kre comment kre share kre

  32. Mr.Hasnain Gouri says

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  33. Mr.Hasnain Gouri says

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  34. Creation Of Tahmid says


  35. Amresh Mandal says


  36. Dheeraj Kumar says

    osm yaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr…………

  37. kamil skowyra says

    This is bullshit

  38. Pinki Kashyap says


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