5 Nighttime Photography Tips in 5 Minutes

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Need some great tips on how to improve your nighttime portrait photography? From using a wider aperture to creating silhouettes with back flash, this video offers some very useful techniques that’ll help you produce nighttime portraits you’ll be proud of.


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  1. IRG - Ricardo Galvão says

    Congrats…Greats ideas

  2. Arun Hegden says

    Very good tips. 🙂

  3. Alex22 says

    great tips thanks for sharing

  4. Vincent Perry Jr says

    dope tips.

  5. majid gh says

    very very Important Notes that a photographer can to share with others and thanks for that. and I don't know why someones want to dislike every think!!

  6. chris lin says

    Thank you for these amazing tips (and your clear + concise explanations)

  7. Lin and Jirsa Photography says

    Thank you B&H for giving us this opportunity to share our tips with your audience! – Lin and Jirsa Team

  8. David Senteno says


  9. Angelo Fechter says

    fuck flash photography seriously those kinda pictures have such a fake atmosphere, no soul at all

  10. MrBluesfly says

    For the last photo you use front curtain sync flash?

  11. marioplus321 says

    Super. Thx

  12. Carl Zeiss says


  13. John Campbell says

    Seeing your face was a pleasant surprise. I'm subbed to both so I was confuzzled for a sec.

  14. Noealz Photo says

    I shoot mostly at night – I want to be known as the night photography shooter here on Youtube someday : )

  15. Gewglesux says

    Whats good tips!!! Thanks!

  16. TechSavvyDaddy says

    Pye, Awesome tips, can't wait to try them out…Thank you

  17. John Critchley says

    Excellent short video, full of practical information without getting bogged down in details. Thank you.

  18. Sanjay Jain says

    Nice tips

  19. David Abbs says

    Great tips and well presented

  20. ali_2angle Photography says

    Awesome tips really love how we can use a simple flash to create an awesome photos thanks 🙏🏽

  21. Juan Lopez says

    This is what I call PRO tips for us amateurs.

  22. Great video! When you don't have a softbox, there is always a wall, a ceiling, or an object, even a car or truck side that can be used to bounce the light off of. Zooming will using a flash can also produce some amazing accentuation, and yes the imagination is limitless when you get into this, so experiment, and shoot a lot of shots. This is also a great time to experiment with filters.

  23. Melissa Sun says

    3:06 where is that location? It’s beautiful!

  24. DIGIC X says

    hi friend. Great video. 👌👌👍👍

  25. B&H Photo Video says

    Have you experimented with night portraits? What tips would you add to the list?

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