Wedding Photography – Tips And Advice For Beginners

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An interview with Rod Allsopp about being the photographer at his first couple of weddings. These are his tips, mistakes, thoughts and advice to help others starting out shooting weddings.

The video includes ideas on…

• Group Shots
• Preparation
• Planning and discussing shots
• Whether you’re ready
• Equipment
• Enjoying yourself

The aim here was to get the thoughts of a beginner to help beginners. When you’ve been doing something for years the obvious becomes second nature. When people are new to a subject, the obvious things can be some of the most useful tips.

Rod is talking about the things he did that he found useful as well as the mistakes he made that messed up some of his plans.

Many thanks to Rod for taking the time out to film this. If you are based in the South-West of UK and are looking for someone to shoot your wedding, feel free to contact Rod through the site below.


I hope you find some of this interesting and let me know if you can relate to it.

NOTE: This was an interview style so I let Rod express his thoughts and feelings and left those in the final edit. It it not intended to be a 2 minute fast paced video. I’m sure you can find that elsewhere.

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  1. Lou Smaczylo says

    I've just taken another one on. All your points are bang on. Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents P**s poor Performance. However you just have to think on your feet. Control the paparazzi by asking them just for a few moments with the group then engage them "Come on now fill your boots" get them on your side. Use fast lenses this will separate you from the best and use your body to frame the shot, crawl if you have to, but get the shot. Try and make sure from the best man and matron of honour that you are in the right place for the unexpected.
    Finally stop at a reasonable time go home have a bevy.

  2. Charlottew says

    Very helpful, I have my first wedding in October for my friend. Trying to prepare myself for it, thank you for such an honest video.

  3. stabioo says

    Great!!! I have same problems…

  4. Mark Edwards says

    With a total of three paid weddings behind me, I can appreciate all of your points. Thanks for posting.

  5. Paddy Ray says

    Brilliant video. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

  6. Martin Bexon says

    What a great video, I'm in this position at the moment where I want to get started with wedding photography and having got married myself back in May I saw how my photographer worked, so there was some brilliant advice and experiences included in this video that I'm sure will be helpful to me.

  7. joel cervantes says

    Beautiful description…thank you for the advice.

  8. Wes says

    Shooting my first wedding here in a week. Really enjoyed this video compared to the others I’ve watched on this subject so far. I’m also really glad you added in the example of the missed shot. All in all this video really made me consider things that I need to prepare for that I didn’t quite get from other videos. Well done 👍🏻

  9. Jane Monaghan says

    Super helpful, thanks for sharing your experiences so candidly.

  10. Melvin Jackson Jr says

    Excellent video brother!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  11. Konrad Mroczek says

    Very good advice! All the best!

  12. Steph H. says

    Thank you for this!

  13. Eitan Litner says


  14. Garry Burgess says

    I did a lot of wedding without a long and fast lens, and at the ceremonies I had to get up close, on the same side as the minister, but I got the shots.

  15. Anthony Paolino says

    Great information. Thank you.

  16. Kizzy Jem says

    Such a genuine video, so helpful for us who don't have lots of experience in weddings yet. Also, it's so easy to look at other photographers' finished and fabulous photos and to forget that they too were beginners once upon a time.

  17. Palden tsering sherpa says

    loved your advices and your experiences that you shared with us today ! its just humble and beautiful. I just shot my first wedding ever and it was not great but it was for free so they are happy with it.

  18. Ali Dyer says

    My second wedding tomorrow, and this was great info… I’d done most of what you’ve put a cross. I love the idea of the picture you’d drawn to remind you of the areas to take the shots! I’ll do that to!
    I feel honoured to take the pictures of such an important day … Thank you for this so helpful, I just want to get going Hahaha

  19. Mike Goddard says

    Great video, very interesting thanks .

  20. john snowden says

    A really interesting and informative video, thanks for being honest and speaking about your sucesses and mistakes.

  21. Shaun Hilton says

    Great tips given sincerely thank you..

  22. Chijioke Ezeh says

    Great advice; Thank you for sharing.

  23. Marek W says

    Thanks for sharing your experience, i have a wedding to shoot this Friday, feeling a bit more encourage, ,

  24. silesh sowman says

    This is such a good video. Learnt a lot. I am so stressed too do my first wedding photography.

  25. A real photography lover
    And great video👍

  26. Frances Butler says

    I enjoyed watching this. Great advice; Thank you for sharing.

  27. mann hans says

    Rod Allsopp – some great information. well done

  28. Benjamin Allen says

    I have my very first wedding photo opportunity coming up, and this video is exactly what I needed. Several videos I have watched, are people well established and with a team behind them… I'm a single guy with limited len supply and 1 camera – so to watch this has made me much more comfortable about what to do and expect. Thank you.

  29. Sue Vaughton Photography says

    Photographing only my 2nd wedding tomorrow and can relate to absolutely every situation you mentioned – loved the frankness of the interview and it really came across just how much care and pride you take in your work. Thx for the tips 🙂

  30. John White says


  31. Tim Nguyen says

    Great tips, thank you!

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