1. Аня Лис says

    Такие лапушки Приянка и Ники!)))

  2. S Ann P says

    I have to watch their videos without sound. These Paparazzi are ANNOYING

  3. Shruti Das says


  4. natacha pem says

    I just love them.

  5. Liwayway Casimiro says

    Omg congratulations for both of you priyanka is one of my favorite actress

  6. Mala Patel says

    Awful, To have a wedding day for the press & photographer & not for Bride & Groom!
    Really SAD😪

  7. Rincy Robinson says

    Background comments are interesting. Loved it

  8. Nadia Azam says

    Perfekt Ehe

  9. ASEL Kabylbekovna says

    Be happy

  10. Pawan Rajput says

    Jijju ko hindi nhi ate naa problem yha ho gaye

  11. mushiirah msr says

    her wedding dress is simple and beautiful.

  12. Michelle Zhu says

    She is very beautiful

  13. Selva Lakshan says

    Congratulations both of you

  14. Jc Jr says


  15. Nassir Koyakoty says

    Congres So beautiful

  16. Ity Vanch says

    Love watching them together..age is nothing but a number..they both seemed so happy together..may God bless them both..

  17. Heather Sedgwick says

    Best wishes from Canada 🇨🇦 gorgeous.

  18. busiswe mngqibisa says

    My very first celebrity couple crush 😍😍😍😭😭😭

  19. Sakshi Choudhar says

    Yes I believe that number can't separate love

  20. Mondalin Phanbuh says

    congratulations Nick n priyanka

  21. Lovely Jones says

    Congrats priyanka and Nick happy wedding couples

  22. Tifa Ben says

  23. Reena Patel says


  24. Waleed Alasam says

    مسكينه باين عليها مو مصدقه مش قادره تخفي هاد الشي

  25. Emilia Thind says

    She's taller than him 🤣🙄👇 …. Don't get me wrong , she's beautiful lady but he's so short !!!!!

  26. Farzzyla Ismail says

    Org kate kalau isteri lebih tinggi dari suami, murah rezeki namanya. Have a happy marriage guys!

  27. Mona Masood says

    what I see is that they are truly happy. Priyanka herself is a good soul.even actors they have hearts and wish to lead a normal lives. insan he in yar.ju b ha inka world par mehsus tu ye log krte he in. khair khuda inko khush rakhey hamesha sath rakhey . secret on Allah knows we are not the ones to judge to extreme limits.

  28. Beauty Begum says

    Well congratulations first and foremost.. don't know why Priyanka married a white man he looks weird in an Asian wedding suit think the guys after Priyanka money as she's more richer than him and younger too… I think that Priyanka could of married someone near enough her own age im the same age as Priyanka I know she can find someone so much better than nick like wtf.. ☹️☹️

  29. Don FAZ says

    Nowadays women lives longer than men,so age difference is not the case herd 😀

  30. Stephanie Enyinnia says


  31. Mercie Guite says

    I am now so jealous

  32. Sylvia Jean says

    It is a beautiful wedding beautiful wedding indeed

  33. Fatma Azaharai says

    This is my favourite marriage… Perfect Match. I just love them being together… 👌… Congratulations to you perfect couples 👏


    Happy mariage life priyanka ..and nick …may god bless ur life …with full of happiness

  35. GJ-8 FUNNYBOYS says

    Bhai esa koi bolta he 2.15 se 2.18 minit me suno 😱

  36. TBona says

    Now she is a flawless beauty.

  37. Joe Rita says

    Nice couple

  38. JM- MJ says

    Priyanka is one of my bollywood fave actress. She's got swag behind her godess beauty ☺☺ God bless your marriage

  39. Kylian-12 says

    F… the haters and jealous .Nick and PC are married and happy 😍😍😍

  40. Coleen Clarke says

    all I want to do is place you too young people in the hand of God for his blessingit only his blessing will makes the different

  41. SF 6013 says

    The most beautiful woman in the world. Nick is damn lucky.

  42. Sanchi Sandamini says

    Soooo lovely couple nikc loves priyanka soo much congratulations both of you

  43. I love Priyanka and nick there gorgeous and I love them together

  44. Khareema Rajack says

    Beautiful couple, I like how they had a traditional Hindu and Christian wedding. Nick looked very handsome in his Indian wear. It doesn't matter if she's 10yrs older than him, he dated girls his age and it didn't work out. He met and fell in love with Priyanka and she is his soulmate and now his wife. Can't wait to see their kids, they would be so adorable. Why is it when an older guy/celebrity dates a much younger girl who might be old enough to be his daughter, it's ok but for women it looks bad?

  45. Jasmine Khoo says

    Odd couple .

  46. Noelle B. says

    I think they look good together. Height and age doesn't matter when your in love. My boyfriend is 9 years older then me all it proves is the ignorance of some people not like he is a minor or anything some people just need to grow up. I wish them all the happiness in the world and I hope they have many blessed years together.

  47. Juliana Qairina Qairina says

    Beautiful n handsome.. Congratulations both of u..

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