1. Margaret Edwards says

    Loud music and flashing images makes this awful video unwatchable!! Terrible production!!

  2. V J says

    What;s wrong with your clip? All this flashing color changing stuff….horrible

  3. Annabelle Adams says

    I haven't even started watching this but think I know where this is going

  4. shoelesblondlady says

    I'm glad I checked the comments first. Not worth a seizure for a shitty vague click me n watch for five minutes to find out what u were waiting for is a let down, enjoy the seizures and shitty editing video

  5. Knitting Pasta says

    Music and flashing irritating

  6. ML Feathers says

    Poor girl!

  7. ZEUS GAMER says

    Editings are trash tho😂💩

  8. IamsuperSam MrKay says

    Not as scary as the flashing in this video.

  9. Someone says


  10. Here Comes The Sun says

    god I'm gonna get a seizure

  11. Pothead Mike says

    Beautiful, well spoken, woman.
    A good story almost ruined, with the strobe light editing.

  12. oh yeah yeah says

    The flickering ruined the video

  13. Vee Bayan says

    the transition is super AWFUL!!! pls stop that flickering thing!

  14. Real fathers are not biological but those qho nurture and love

  15. Anonym Unge says

    This video gave me epilepsy

  16. BRH4Texasmade says

    Your old intro was better

  17. blue bee says

    Hope someone stabs that child murdering bastard

  18. ThePalmerScott says

    Couldn’t watch the video because of the flash cuts. Special effects are supposed to enhance a story, not drive you away from it.

  19. USPortraits says

    Amazing. Was her teacher Dana Carvey?

  20. Mountain Views says

    Samantha I don't know if this will ever get to you but I have to try I want you to know that blood doesn't mean a damn thing and if you get love from your step father do me a favour and try calling him Daddy once I bet the outcome will be awesome and amazing and wonderful all of US wonderful people out here in the world WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOUR A BEAUTIFUL STAR AND YOU KNOW IT

  21. Jason G says

    She killed 5 people the following year

  22. Angel Bulldog says

    The flashing gives me a headache! Please rethink this effect, cuz it's not working for many of us! Thumbs down on this one for that reason.

  23. marriedandcrazy04 says

    That would be a hard pill to swallow. Glad she didn't let her newfound knowledge change or define her. Just because a man donates his sperm don't make him a dad. The man who raised her is her dad. Side note: that flickering was annoying as hell!

  24. Bethani Broussard says

    Oh wow!

  25. Zombee fish says

    Seizure warning next time? That flickering and blinking static just gave me a migraine. 😐

  26. Ivy Winwood says

    The flashing images or distorting them made stop watching this. 🙁

  27. imadad bestjobintheworld says

    Same about the flickering

  28. acutehugs says

    Bad flickery not worth watching.

  29. Kathy Covington says

    What a wonderful young lady! So glad she is going on to be someone who helps society! Very brave and commendable! May you be blessed for many years to come!!!

  30. Gina Martindale says

    I like the content of your video, but you got a thumbs down solely because of your flashing transitions. I felt line throwing up because the flashig was too much.

  31. Phadora_Boi says

    This is some fucking plot twist

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