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  1. Janie Werner says

    I like you all so much!

  2. Traci Francisco says

    "Be hungry, sunshine turtle" lol I like the part about telling your kid a joke before they have their pictures taken. I might try that next time my son gets his taken.

  3. Gabby Brown says

    For my school pictures the photographer made me smile genuinely and she took the picture like that! It was really sweet!

  4. Curly Rae says


  5. Owen Meyer says

    I love your videos and I love your music videos.

  6. Pam Haas says

    1, 2, 3…. Camera Face!!!

  7. Meg Tastic says

    I’m in 7th grade and for the first (and probably last) time I like my picture. I also saw my moms picture and it looks exactly like the first photo Kim showed.

  8. Nola Roxy says

    I always do the scared turtle even in my profile picture I did it.

  9. Keep Calm and Bake on says

    Penn actually looked so cute in those head shots!

  10. Hamilton Squad says

    This was so helpful since on the morning I watched this it was picture day at school

  11. Laura Signor says

    Kim, I had that hair in college and when I applied for a MasterCard they wanted a picture so I sent my college yearbook picture. That was 15 years ago and they still use the same picture.

  12. lindsey smith says

    Kewl groovy 'dos! Peachy keen!

  13. Bella Alcott says

    Last year I didn't put any lip balm on so my picture was me in a grimace, no lips, and a bejeweled headband. The picture still haunts me to this day because right now it is on the school's database.

  14. Kelsey OLeary says

    Whenever we get pictures at school everyone poses the same and we need to tilt our heads to the left and put your chin to the camera and they are always telling you how to do this super uncomfortable pose and then you just don't feel like smiling. I think the photographer is just setting you up to have the worst school picture ever.

  15. Grace Jones says

    My school pictures are tomorrow😂

  16. n8trsho says

    I've come to regard picture day with disdain…the photo companies (at least, where I am) charge exorbitant amounts for the smallest packages. Some print the entire (large) package and send it home with the kids and you're supposed to return what you don't want and pay for the rest. It's a bit nefarious. Great to have the photos, but the business now takes advantage. Not everyone in our district has the resources for even the smallest option. (sorry for the downer post…back to fun!)

  17. Mystical Dude says

    Penn looks fabulous

  18. Lady K says

    i never had a bad picture except when i was in kindergarten and my hair was all over the place. and thats because we had recess before pictures. but i was cute with it! btw i really like penn's head shots you have an handsome husband! peace out!

  19. NikoRules IkariaGreece says

    Today was my first day at my new school but I was scared but I'm still a little scared

  20. KT Maggs says

    I have to go to school THEN when I come back from school I watch it… My photo day was today…

  21. Clarissa medina says

    Everyone of mine have a different color hair and 80s styles!! Hate high school photos!!!

  22. Amber A says

    I had to get my driver's license renewed last month & I totally ended up with a double chin in it. Boo!! I could have used the "hungry sunshine turtle" pose, but alas, it's too late now, lol. I have to use a crappy pic for the next 4 years.

  23. Kayley Read says

    Man, oh man, I adore you guys.
    I am going through the motions of severe depression and ptsd right now, and I want to say thank you as watching your sweet family and all of your giggles have truly brightened up my days the past few days (I'm late to the game and only discovered you guys 4 days ago….but I have been truly binge watching over here)
    Keep on being you, because you are all amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your family with us 💛

  24. Jacquie Klockow says

    Good advice!

  25. HeyImMadz says

    Wow today is my school pictures!!

  26. Tammy Reynolds says

    We always talk about farting instead of smiling to get a genuine grin. 💨

  27. Mark Brown says

    WOW!!! Penn Charles looks just like young Kim in those pics.

  28. Sweet Gaming Girl says

    Lol you guys are funny

  29. Breland Locktin shared acc says


  30. Delaney Glazer says

    8th like

  31. Julia DePinto says

    I love u guys you're so funny ❤️

  32. Helen Elgie says

    Ah! Yes! This is great!

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