LEGO School Picture Day (Stop Motion)

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A LEGO school day turns into disaster when a kid forgets it’s picture day.

“LEGO School Picture Day” is a funny brickfilm created with LEGO stop motion animation. It’s best to not forget about school picture day.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Songs used:

“Cheery Monday”

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

  1. jamstudios says

    I love the teacher's laugh and the green screen, well done!

  2. Darcie Dickinson says

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  3. Pája Unicorn says

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  4. Ayyadh Sahib says

    Is so cool.. Great my friend.. 😊

  5. Cousins Animations! says

    Amazing video!! I subbed for this great video!

  6. Красайн says


  7. MasterJoe says

    Brilliant video! I really like the story line and the smoothness of the animation. However I would invest in a camera remote so when you take a picture the camera isn't moving around. Great Job, Keep up the good work! 😉

  8. Lola S-N says

    good video!!!

  9. LPS Editor says

    PHey ,Swcyrvtfuctedxwryu uk is pNun hyqaCiu

  10. moc maker 20 says

    Back packs??

  11. Brynn Davis says

    If that were my teacher he would yell “the bell does not dismiss you.”

  12. LEGO MOCS Showing says

    The “Why did the kid eat their homework” joke was funny and I get it because kid says the home is a piece of cake

  13. LEGO MOCS Showing says

    The joke was actually funny

  14. moc maker 20 says

    How much fps??

  15. moc maker 20 says

    Wow this is so funny

  16. Pli84 Yt says

    Elementary school sucks

  17. caden paul says

    I liked and subscribe

  18. JulianaYT Roblox says

    my school id is.pictured by a phone

  19. Jc Guzman’s says

    I love these kinds of vids!

  20. legend fortniter says

    1:25 lamest joke ever

  21. Anonymous says

    The mom looked creepy 😅

  22. LoL MaN says

    2:00 ELMOS WORLD

  23. Eugene Krabs says


  24. Lucas Glenn says

    Roses are red.
    Vilots are blue.
    When it school picher day.
    You'll go blind times 2.

  25. Avelino Masong says

    I like it and im gonna subscribe and like right now

  26. ABananaJensonmart says

    P.s. I liked and subscribed

  27. Big-Eye-Guy 8 says

    Cool I subscribed

  28. reinan tube video ph says

    its funny

  29. reinan tube video ph says

    how do you make this motion

  30. SamuelStudios says

    2:53 Mr. Stark I don't feel so good

  31. Joshua Nelson says

    That was so corny, I love it! 🙂

  32. Principal Of The Thing Baldi says

    0:56 Baldi's Basics Playtime

  33. CashMA says

    The mom eyes look creepy

  34. kimberly murphy says

    The animation is great but the voice acting is terrible

  35. COOKIE SWIRL CC says

    Good vids I always watch your videos…..

  36. Pixelated TR says

    What a coincidence, my picture day is tomorrow and this was on my recommend

  37. STEVE GAMING says

    Good animation well done super awesome

  38. Kayti Rollins says

    Good job man

  39. 12 steps says

    1:30 Sir that was an awful joke

  40. SpiritXPJORDANXPSpirit LMAO says

    2:27 Why would they hunt the kid

  41. Bad idea to put clothes on the floor

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