Learn Wedding Photography: Posed Pictures in a Church

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This is a short excerpt from the 14 hour long wedding tutorial: How To Become A Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer. In this excerpt Lee Morris shows how he uses a single Profoto D1 to light family posed pictures in 3 different churches. For more info on the full tutorial visit

  1. Shieva says

    Thank you!

  2. rialbb says

    please stop doing that to your eyebrows. cleaner smoother skin on your eyebrow bridge than peter norths gooch.

  3. Charles Rollins says

    Hey Lee, do you still do this method?

  4. Mark Russell says

    How are you possibly getting permission to use artificial light in a church? That NEVER happens where I operate.

  5. Froman Abe says

    How do you light a church sanctuary when the ceiling is dark wood?

  6. Liam Anderson says


  7. maggie - says

    Wow! Dr. Phil story about a family molestation and wedding photography in the same playlist! 10/10 would watch again.

  8. Yesenia Gonzale says

    do you use this for the reception too?

  9. Captura Camera says

    Any tips for a dark ceremony.

  10. Douglas H Stout says

    3:07 it seems dumb to have a 1/100th shutter speed if the whole shot is 90% exposed with the studio strobe. Go to 1/160 or 1/180 or 1/200 — whatever the sync-speed of the strobe is.

  11. guru photo myladuthurai says


  12. Jj Benz says

    he forgot a key element

  13. djtwilite318 says

    thanks for the video.. what do you think about using ad360ll for the same use?

  14. Could I do this on a Nikon 5200 camera

  15. Rafael Santiago Toro says

    how many watts i need for that?? Thank you

  16. Business Services Solution says

    Awesome !

  17. Vincent Erwin Photography says

    wow nice capture
    sorry did u just use only ine lighting mobile profoto ya sir?
    where did u put the position of your one lighting?
    what lens did u use?
    is these use batt pack mobile ya for your profoto?

  18. Ritesh gandhi says

    good gaidline thanks

  19. Gustavo Ulloa says

    What about a night wedding? Same setting?

  20. Kevin Harrington says

    I bought the DVD.  Its like 14 hours of viewing but its full of great info!  I have used so much from that tutorial and its improved my wedding product and I've increased my billing by almost 100%!!

  21. Emmanuel A. Awedam says

    Really educative and nice.

  22. BongoLove says

    4:57 beautiful shot

  23. cinefoto bahia says

    i have an opportunity to buy a 400w/s studio strobe but its a no name brand. can i expect it to put out almost half as much as the 1000w/s profoto monoblock you used in this church? Another words in therms of power 400w/s strobes all have the same light power output more or less?

  24. arsol solana says

    nice thanks for tips, unfortunately i wanna have a camera a dslr but cant afford it, i realy love photography

  25. KevinMphotography says

    "Bouncing off wood will not work." I think he meant to say "bouncing off DARK colored wood will not work." Its not necessarily the composition of material, but the color of it that allows reflection. However, overall good tips and I'm sure the DVD is worth it.

  26. Robert Grass says

    i have a question about your light position. why u never point light to back of Church room? i guess it will bounce right back in to front, is it?

  27. Allison Salz says

    Videographer tip — bad audio is distracting. Mic interference in the one interview. Otherwise, thanks for the tips and info. Good work.

  28. André Fernandes says

    what if the churches interior is all made of stone?

  29. itakeudown says

    If I understand correctly, you used F5; 1/100th/ ISO 100? Question: How did you manage to place a large group with such a small aperture? Doesn't the outside perimeter of the picture get "blurry" with such small apertures? I see they're all clear, with three rows of people. I'm surprised but amazed if F5 was your setting.

  30. vadimyakus says

    I would simply go to ISO 400 instead of ISO 125 and use much sharper aperture such as 6.4 or 7.1 F, and saved some battery for the flashes too.

  31. batounen says

    what are the same lights you mentioned here? can you write them here?

  32. Seanny D says

    What kind of strobe should I get to light up a church like the second one he filmed at where the ceiling is high yet I can use the walls? Would a 600W be good enough?

  33. TheSunCityAnthem says

    Great tip, just need money to buy the stuff😄

  34. Olayinka Yusuf says

    Really educative.Thanks

  35. r s says

    I like this guys approach.. I actually do the opposite with the large umbrellas.. usually only using one for small groups of people and adding in the 2nd light when i need to do large groups. i.e. a very large wedding party. i tend to keep the lights closer to me than away, so its a little more direct, eliminating those dramatic shadows. and of course you can always move the light over to the left (or right) side to obtain those dramatic shadows.. I use umbrellas over soft boxes for better spread of light, and usually always shoot through them. depending on the chapel i use a slightly slow shutter speed of about 1/50 and iso of about 800, esp if I'm using a speed light and don't want to kill my battery and recycle times.. usually the speed light is set to about 1/8 power.. and of course slightly adjusting if more people come into the frame. wish i could post shots on here to show examples.. 

  36. Seanny D says

    How would I be able to get multiple rows of people in focus to be sharp? Like during one of the photo shoots I went to was a baptismal and the group that came was a lot of people, around 15 of them. I lined most of them as much as I could to get in the frame and used a wide angle focal length which was 18mm. it caused the 3rd and 4th row to be in the fallback of the DOF.

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