How To Remove Watermarks From Graduation & School Photos

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In this video I will show you how to remove a watermark from those professional websites that want you to pay to see your own face. Make sure you like this video if it helped you out!

  1. Donovan Bryant says

    Youre hillarious

  2. Shenette says

    Thanks Cuz! I'm about to go and get LJ's school photos. They sent me a CD. I don't even have a CD drive on my computer. But the high resolution downloads were more expensive. I'm just about to go and get them. Ha ha!

    Update: Awwhh.. it's not working on mine. They must have uploaded the pictures with the watermark. I see no div elements regarding watermarks. Bummer.

  3. stevenson volny says

    lol, you're funny asf! I'm finna get mines. they tryna finnese me too

  4. Jordan Johnson says

    why do they still have our pics…
    they sent me like 10 "LAST CHANCE" emails lmao

  5. Neil Ramirez says

    omg you're so good with computers! It's like you're a software developer or something

  6. Neil Ramirez says

    your photos are so cute omg. mine came out ugly af.

  7. Thanks for sharing🙂❤️🦋

  8. Tay Brynae says

    Yassssss free game!

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