Best First Camera for Photography 2016-2017

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“What should I get for my first camera?” is such a common question. It also has so many different answers like, “This brand new camera,” “Whatever suits you,” and “Just pick one and don’t look back, they’re all the same.” Which may be true, but does not really help someone new to photography.

My goal here is to not only specifically answer this question, but to save people as much money as possible while still offering the modern features they want.

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UPDATE (August 2017): I still stand by this recommendation even over a year later. Canon hasn’t shown much growth and the mirrorless companies are still too expensive with not as many lens options in my opinion, leaving Nikon as a clear winner. Then this D5200 can be had for very cheap with semi modern performance which means little to no risk. If I had to recommend a more professional alternative I would go with the D7100 which can be had for around $500 used.

  1. Shahin Iqbal says
  2. Alice Websdell says

    i wish i could afford a dslr. i started photography at school and i tried so so hard to get a spot but my parents can’t afford a camera 🙁

  3. shovo das says


    Buy now::

  4. korban ali says
  5. Visualisation Perfection says

    Want to make Vlogs, but mainly cinematic shots and videos where I talk in front of the camera Should I buy a Sony a6000 at €350 with the kit lenses or a Canon 70d at €300 and are any of these a good deal (second hand)? Do not know much about cameras.

  6. Quentin Dickerson says

    Does this take good selfies?


    good video sir''
    If anybodyThis camera buy then click here :

  8. Abu Musa says

    Do you need Photo Editing?

  9. EvErytHiNg says

    hey i want a camera


    bro ek din me kitna paisa lgta h vara krne me

  11. Reivax Roque says

    Thank you for the video. It was very helpful since I’m on the market browsing for what should I buy that is good enough for now because I’ll be new to photography. Your wife is beautiful you guys make a great couple.
    Thank you for your video.

  12. sk skanska says


  13. James Bryant says

    clean your teeth

  14. edwardschlosser1 says

    I bought my D3300 on eBay NEW for $379, and it came with the 18-55 kit lens. I also got the 35mm prime lens NEW for about $100, and the 55-200 lens for under $200, NEW. My infrared remote for my F-75 works with the D3300, and since the cameras are the identical size, the camera case for the F-75 can be used for the D3300. I also love the funky red color that everyone else hates. The D3300 is a great little camera even though I usually shoot film, so it's only used when I need the low light capabilities of digital. It's perfect for football games at night in a stadium.

  15. Bindhu U says

    Thank for camera

  16. Ajeet Kujur says

    Best photography if you want

  17. Diego C. says

    Bro, finally i found a video that gives me all i need and you explain all the camera stuff very well. In these days do you still recommend the 5200? Better than the 3300, cause i was too close to buy The 3300. Congrats again!

  18. Alex Mcdougall. says

    D7100 or 70d?

  19. Ronit Roy says

    Sir how's image quality of Nikon d5300 ?

  20. Handmadeswine9 JEFF BOB says

    why are his teeth so yellow…

  21. Cali Livin831 says

    Nigga brush your teeth

  22. RS cuber says

    D3400 or D5300 or 200D ?

  23. Trîplé Ï says

    Which lens was used on D5500 in thumbnail?

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