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Hey guys! We just got the all of the wedding photos back from our photographer so I thought you guys would want to see them all! It was the best day ever and looking at these pictures makes me wish I could re live it over and over again. It is in incredible feeling getting to celebrate your new marriage surrounded by all the people we love most. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Our Photographer:
“I was made for loving you” cover by Chris Brenner and Alycia Marie

SNAPCHAT: AlexandreaGarza

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  1. A True Love Official says

    The music gives life to each photo on this video, capturing each special moment of their lives.

  2. RayValdezPhotography says

    Looks like a 50mm lens. am I right. EDIT. Oh I thought you were the photog lol. I thought it was kinda weird for a photog to put a person's album online

  3. RayValdezPhotography says

    Group shots are always the hardest. everyone doesnt play along but now I dont care. just get the moment.

  4. Bella M says

    Beautiful pics. Gorgeous family <3

  5. Ana Bunjevac says

    Alex, what program did you use to make this video? Id like to do the same with my wedding photos. thanks! xoxo Ana

  6. Nina Marzouk says

    Beautiful photos 😍😍😍😍

  7. Jasmine Gagne says

    What's the third song?

  8. Sarah Murphy says

    Does anyone know where the Bridesmaids dresses are from!? Beautiful!

  9. Eva Molnar says

    Hi! What is the song at 7:45?

  10. terko3 says

    Love it!!!!! ❀❀❀❀

  11. Cierra Buckner says

    Hi Alex! Where did you get your garter from? I absolutely love it and would love to find one like it for my upcoming wedding!

  12. Danielle Thomas says

    hey Alex love the photos you looked gorgeous, I just wondering what song is playing during the reception photo part of the slideshow. Thanks

  13. Nanah has Nini says

    What is the song at 5:15?

  14. Estefania Galindo says

    Absolutely BREATHTAKING ❀️ it's like a fairy tale! Congrats!

  15. MissSibel1 says

    Can anyone tell me what program was used to make this slideshow, it's beautiful!

  16. Sarah Hildebrand says

    Where is your dress from and who is the designer and what is the style?

  17. Lonelle Goodwin says

    whats the first song called on here


    Hi! I was just wondering where to you get your signs made ? From the table seating chart to your hashtag sign. I have been searching for a great vendor. Thank you! And I hope to hear from you soon!

  19. Ka'Shara Shelton says

    Hey! Who did your programs? I thought you mentioned it in one of these video but i cant find it

  20. Felicia Salazar says

    Beautiful wedding pictures

  21. Beth M says

    Alex, where did you bridesmaid get their gold dresses? I am currently looking for one as a bridesmaid in a spring wedding.

  22. Iliana Garcia says

    Hi Alex, where is your dress from?

  23. Kyle Edward says

    I might be too late for this, but congrats!!! Thanks for all your wedding bells tips, it really helps us in planning our wedding this november, hope it will go as smoothly as yours did!

  24. Irene madhaj says

    Why I can't see this video anymore????? Am I the only one??? Help me 😩

  25. Cathy Ma says

    Gorgeous photos!! You look stunning! <3

  26. Jasmine Gagne says

    What kind of video camera did you use?

  27. Oops_ Honey says

    first time to watch it , happy for you

  28. Martine Philantrope says


  29. 924izabel says

    Hi Alexandra, stunning wedding photo album! Just wondering where you got the bridesmaid bracelets? I have a wedding coming up with similar colours and absolutely love the bracelets. beautiful album!

  30. Amanda C says

    where are those bridesmaids dresses from ??? They are so beautiful.!!!!!

  31. Melissa Williams says

    Hi Alex! Love this video! I am getting married in 6 months πŸ™‚
    Love the your getting ready outfit for your wedding, where did you purchase this bridal romper?
    Also what did you wear on your rehearsal dinner?

  32. thrawlynne maldonado says

    I am getting married myself this year and I wanted to know what video camera you were holding to record on your wedding day.

  33. EmBeatrice says

    I have to know where your belt is from!

  34. gosiek gosiek says

    slodko az do wyzygania

  35. Emili Mia says

    waht a beautyfull wedding πŸ™‚

  36. Paula Gutierrez says

    what did u write on the bridesmaids front monogram ? I wanna get my bridesmaids the same thing

  37. Velvet says

    hahaha .. i haven t checked your chanel since awhile…. all i remember last time i checked it was a video abvout the fact that you got engaged and you are going to get married… also what i remember is that you set the date somewhere in september .. i see now u have changed it ( hope i am not wrong ) . I got married in july 2015 aswell and the first date was in august ! It`s so ncie to see ur wedding in here !
    Time fly !

  38. Vanessa Ramirez says

    Hi Alex
    Do you have any suggestions for a first dance song?

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