1. IB Cinematografy says

    Man I luv your gear and studio. Such cool vibes. In such little space. I want to make my bedroom into a studio in a way. But idk how. I have sky blue walls so I need help.

  2. Sirius RUS says

    Cool studio, you can only dream about this)

  3. siddharth sharma says


  4. Wundder says

    I love this content. Awesome photography.

  5. thechannelitrollwith says

    holy shit you manhandle keys and redbulls my dude. thanks for the video!

  6. Cherub B says

    This video got me diabetes

  7. erico says


  8. Barkz says

    this is so sick. id honestly love to do this even if i wasnt making a lot of money

  9. Tyler Wolfe says

    Great office tour!

  10. Aazen Iwayan says


  11. NewGenKen says

    Turned the ac off for the video!!!!!! That's true dedication!! Love it
    Keep up the content man, super enjoyable!

  12. sirjohnnyofAwesomness says

    dude!!!! ur fucking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Neeraj Kumbhar says

    Great video. Loved it. Can you please let us know what stabilizer do you use for shooting?

  14. Nic Feist says

    Hey dude! I dig your desk setup, but I'm having a hard time finding the table top that you used to make your desk with. Any pointers on finding it?
    Cheers man!

  15. dabigbody says

    do you have a link for the iPhone lenses and case you mentioned? I've been looking for a set of those for a while. Thanks!

  16. Next Generation says

    Please make a workflow tutorial!

  17. MIKE Z says

    How big is your office in sq ft if you don't mind me asking. I'll be getting a studio too soon so just wanna get an idea on the space I'm going to be working with

  18. Robert Rago says

    idk why but these videos are always such an inspiration; always interesting to see where people do their work

  19. PatrickZ says

    Thank you Samuel, great video!

  20. isyoublade says

    is that a secret message at 0:50 or is that just me

  21. Jeremy Rawlings says


  22. Sam Firth says

    Sweet video Dude !

  23. Zarina says

    You guys are incredible! To be your model is a dream)))

  24. erT says

    Thanks for the insight Sam. Were you hired by the studio or did you buy it with your friends?

  25. Taentedah Johnson says

    would love to marry you hey sam

  26. AlexBonzulak says

    Thought you were holding a vape😤



  28. nicedaymovie says

    keeping your passport on the desk that you know where it is…. man… grow up. you are a kind of 007 fotoguys….:) 🙂

  29. Sam Luck says

    Nice job Sam. You got the links to your studio buddies too?

  30. pjam18 says

    Can someone tell me what the red and black tag or keychain thing is on his desk at 7:30? I see them everywhere and would like to know its purpose! Thank You!

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