1. Steph Steph says

    This is stupid

  2. Corgi says

    God damnit this is Saw part something

  3. Lacey Bates says

    Leave them alone its there life not ours

  4. Zoe Lee says


  5. Monster AsCanBe says

    I think it's cute…. Lol I get it

  6. Paul ADWall says

    It’s there photo it’s up to them what they do in that photograph people need to get a life

  7. kitteekittee says

    Creepy but funny

  8. TheyCallMeSomething says

    bruh feminists ruin everything

  9. Animation DramaNation says

    Me- This looks sexist.
    Person- It's just a joke based on a stereotype.
    Me- Did you have to look up the information to find out what the joke was?
    Person- Yes?
    Me- Okay now let's say you have no information on this photo and let's say you're seeing it for the first time. Does it look sexist?
    Person- Well I guess in a way because it's silence woman implying that woman don't have a voice.
    Me- Now do you get why some people were upset when they saw this photo? Remember they didn't have any information on it.
    Person- Okay I guess I can see where you're coming from.

  10. Jonas P. says

    I like the picture it’s funny

  11. Vivi Vivi says

    I get it its from griswolds Christmas vacation when uncle Eddie gets Clark’s boss

  12. Morgan Davis says

    It's for fun 😑😑😑😑

  13. Corinne Quinones says

    Um, very strange.

  14. Angelica osornio says


  15. Andres Ramirez says

    That tape on the girls mouths is just sexist and it's only promoting women to stay silent from their problomes

  16. Elizabeth Brown-Bolden says


  17. UP Armoury says

    People like spending time getting triggered these days.

  18. lavender river says

    I really don't get the joke.

  19. Amelia Mann says

    People, lighten up…geez! It was a joke 🙄

  20. Oli Ace says

    It's all okay they look awesome either way.

  21. Josuke Higashikata says

    That looks like my math teacher

  22. RayRage 11 says

    N n

  23. Sara Martinez says

    Does it look 👀 like a harmless joke

  24. Talisha Sture says

    I thought it was to speak out about family violence

  25. Bonitto Bonitto says

    December 2018

  26. Supablade ! says

    I like it

  27. Tay the horse Lady says

    I'm normally not the one going around calling things sexist – but this just went to far

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