Marshawn Lynch’s unbelievable high school photo looks just like Urkel

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Beast Mode, is that you? Here’s the full story:

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  1. Mark Brown says

    This is not fair. Why do we as Blacks and society look at other Blacks that are clean cut as "nerds". This is so sad. This was also stated in EU web which is a black website This is shameful. I think Marshawn looks a lot more humane and normal looking then he does now as a football player.Now Marshawn like the rest of the NFL wears fake braids which are weaved in his hair. He looks like very disheveled . That present unkempt look is supposed to be" normal". You are really pushing it . Useless report. This IS racism if we are brainwashed by them to think that his current look is more hip, cool or swag. I think NOT Sire and Mame.

  2. JordeeRapAlot says

    Y They Tryna Clown My Guy ? Everyone Starts Out This Way Lol … Chill

  3. unknown legend says

    he my dad

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