Jyothika Family Photos – Surya Jyothika Family & Friends

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Jyothika Family Photos – Surya Jyothika Family & Friends.

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  1. sandeep kumar j says

    Diya looks like her grandpa sivakumar


    Super heroyin

  3. Madushi Gayathri says

    My favorite Tamil couple I love both of u

  4. Jyotsna Minz says

    I love surya

  5. ravibabuji shanmugam says

    Nice pickπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  6. Kolin Molin says

    She has two kids and she looks great!!!

  7. D Shivakanth says


  8. Snega Yemathuranga says

    I like surya

  9. Swamy Chinnaiya says


  10. Anime lover says

    Jyothika's daughter is the carbon copy of jyothika

  11. Salu Shanu says

    Beautiful familyyyy

  12. Nithin N says

    nice couple

  13. tyu iop says


  14. Cutie yoga says

    Nice family

  15. Niharika Tota says

    worst music best πŸ‘« couple

  16. premkalai Prem says

    like so much suriya jothika made for each other so cute baby girl and boy baby

  17. Shubha Papanna says

    Surya sir Jyothika mam it made for each other

  18. Ramesh Kandaraboina says

    super couples

  19. karthika munivel says

    verry nice pair i love u so much dear's

  20. Hemasathish S says


  21. super couple

  22. Akshaya Chinnu says

    Surya great

  23. Rajeshwari Raji says

    super jothyka amma surveys appa

  24. Abdullah Abu says

    Super life for Surya and jothika

  25. Astin Anthony says

    my favorite family😍😘😘

  26. Ansar T V says

    Mashah allah. Cute family. All prayers……

  27. Hajira Tabassum says

    Suriya is a gem of a person…

  28. bakey gopi says

    ponnu surya mathri azaga irukkga

  29. Comedy Club says

    nice couples ever

  30. Haseem Asmil says


  31. Varadha Rajan says

    good family

  32. Vikash Yadav says

    I like this hero Family

  33. Thaslima Jalal says

    Nice family looking beautifully

  34. Siva Siva says

    I like uuuuuuu

  35. Advika Rithiha says

    Suriya& jothika are my favourite

  36. gomathi anbuselvan says

    my favourite couples

  37. Akalya Mahadevan says

    Photos super but jyothika mam potu erutha enum super

  38. mani kumar says


  39. nasrin neha says

    cute family…n cute coupes….lob u

  40. Sushma Bhattarai says

    woww she hav supercute son n daughter.

  41. R P Dwivedi says

    awesome couple

  42. Salim Ve says

    my favourite coupleπŸ‘Œ

  43. dayana sing says

    supper exelant

  44. Selvi G says


  45. Diya Diya says

    love u surya love u so much jothika

  46. Vaithi Mukesh says


  47. sushma mallela says


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