How to Shoot a Nighttime Wedding Photo in 9 Seconds: Breathe Your Passion with Vanessa Joy

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Getting a nighttime wedding picture is always fun to do, but sometimes you have very limited time to do it. Having the right equipment can help you set up a wedding nighttime shot in a short amount of time. Check out behind-the-scenes of a recent Cipriani Wall Street NYC wedding where Vanessa was able to get setup and use a two light setup in under 10 seconds to get a classic NYC nighttime wedding photo.

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  1. Julius Songling says

    Nice build up for that sales pitch.

  2. Mark Levander says

    Great stuff thanks for posting! Where were the flashes set up?

  3. Suzon CRESTA says

    which flash should i buy yn568 or godox 685

  4. bassey edoho says

    I don't see what exactly was done in 9 seconds

  5. 7belowzero says

    Great shot! love it in B&W I think urban settings for wedding photography is so interesting and different. Oh! and greetings from England. 🙂

  6. phynx2006 says

    Maitre d's can never trust those guys hahaha great shot, I actually really liked the first picture you took being a little brighter and warmer. Profoto's and TTL dam!!

  7. DMPhotography says

    How did you trigger the strobes, I didn't even see the Profoto Air Remote trigger on your camera in this video? Was this whole thing a reenactment?

  8. Raymond Lin says

    9 seconds? I would start the clock when every one was still inside the building, not already stood around in position having taken the first test shot outside with the couple…surely this should be retitled to 20mins?

  9. RFW says

    cutie at 00:39 on the left 😉

  10. Drew McCuistion says

    Beautiful shot. Looks like the video guy was all up in your shots.

  11. Ankur Tripathi Productions says

    Stobes 🤣 70%issues are already taken care by them

  12. useful information says

    hello sir…😀 my name is Ajay from delhi and I'm truly inspired watching ur video on YouTube.I just bought a new camera which is Nikon d5300 with kit len…this is a very great camera and I'm loving it playing around all the time…I have learned so much about the camera throw ur videos. thank u so much sir… Actually sir I love to take portrait and wildlife photo and this camera is giving me the best and sharp images but when I'm zooming them images becomes little blurry so I just want to know where's the problem is? and I also bought a tripod. Most of the times I prefer to use tripod only…

  13. Anthony Shepard says


  14. Motti Bembaron says

    Great shot and great effort. However, like so many other videos, it looks like another Profoto add video…this shot could have been done EASILY with two TTL speedlights safer and quicker. Any strobe is an overkill in size and power.

    Also, why adjust your Kelvin? If you shoot RAW there is no need, especially if the photo given to the client is black and white. My two cents.

  15. Chris Umaña says

    why did you change temperature in camera? Don't you shoot in RAW?

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