How I made $4,591.92 in 1 month selling art and photography online

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How to sell your photography or art online with Shopify and fine art america

Selling your art on the internet is a great way to keep your budgets low and get yourself noticed.

Look at this scenario. I want to sell a piece of art for $500 so I take it to an art gallery. They usually take 50% of your profits for selling it in there gallery. If you sell that same piece online for $350 your customer saves $150 and you gain an extra $100. And you won’t be cash negative by having to buy the art upfront and wait for someone to buy it. If you sell it online you print it once you have someone who bought it and boom free money.

I make a small affiliate commission whenever someone signs up for Shopify through my link which helps me continue to make more helpful videos.

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  1. Dorothy Berry-Lound Art says

    Brad when you set shipping rates (I read your response on that in the comments) how do you allow for international shipping? I know with FAA they have 14 printers internationally. Did you do some sort of price comparison across various countries before setting an amount?

  2. Online Outdoorsman says

    Very helpful information Brad – thank you! Subbed 🙂

  3. David Howe says

    Great video Brad. Currently I`m on Etsy, when I make a sale I e-mail a TIFF file to the lab I use who then drop ship it to the customer under my name. Sometimes the files I send to the lab are really large and i use photoshop to size the photo to ensure the photo is enlarged at the highest quality. How does this work with fine art america? i`ve watch other videos and some people seem to be sending jpegs from their phones and then advertising huge prints for sale.

  4. Veselin Vasilev says

    Thank you!

  5. pduffy4 says

    10:32 what do you mean WE pay for the prints Fine Art America send out to the customers? Surely the whole idea is that the customers is paying for the prints, as if not, it would defeat the purpose and you'd end up quickly in debt????? Very confused by what you said.

  6. KSchuetteVideo says

    Great information. Thank you! Just to make sure I am understanding correctly…Is your Shopify store mirroring your Fine Art America store? When you upload through the Pixels app, is the art available in both places?

  7. WYO Hunting says

    How are you promoting your website? So a lot of people can see it?

  8. Leonard Donegan says

    I have 3 questions:

    1) How do you go about paying federal and state taxes out of the $4,591.92 that you got?

    2) Can I use the 'Basic' Shopify passage to get started as a beginner?

    3) How do I submit my original art to Shopify? (For example: I have a drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge done in micron pen on Arches Watercolor Paper.) What I want to know is, how do I submit this drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge to Shopify?

  9. Arturo Caldera says

    How do i get traffic to my site to guarantee sales

  10. formulaone07 says

    Thank you for posting this video. I'm considering following this business model for art prints that I'd like to sell. That said, how are you advertising on Facebook? Are you simply advertising the prints (or pillows or cellphone cases, etc.) directly to different "cold" audiences (people who have never heard of your work)? I can imagine people buying the <$50 products straight off a Facebook ad even if they've never heard of your store before, but more expensive products such as framed prints and canvases seem that they'd be a tough "cold" sell on Facebook, unless you have a previous customer relationship with them or sell them as an upsell. Your thoughts on this?

  11. Benjamin Kaleblevi says

    Checked out your site.. really nice!

  12. Benjamin Kaleblevi says

    Hey Brad, I'm really interested to know which sizes you sell best? Smaller, up to 13×19" inches compared with 18×24" inches and larger? Is Bigger better?

  13. Brittney Short says

    great video thanks, I was just wondering what settings do the photos need to be so they are ensured to print nicely? I just want to make sure I have everything correct before uploading. Hope that made sense…

  14. Envious Green says

    Does it require boxing your artwork and mail it to your customer?

  15. Tsetsi says

    thank you very very much

  16. Glend says

    hello brad, if i will used a basic plan, they can still process the shipping to the customers? and is there any set up to do or its automatically they will ship the orders?

  17. MyFriendReggie says

    This is exactly what I was looking for! thank you. Just to confirm, when a purchase is made on Shopify, FAA will print, package, and ship your item. Then Shopify will pay you within 4 days (or faster if through paypal) regardless of FAA's 30 day money back guarantee profit holding window?

  18. Spangler@rt says

    I'm so broke I can't afford a Shopify account

  19. Duke Henry says


  20. Dorel Oloier says


  21. David Smith says

    Greetings. First off, thanks for the video tutorial. Very informative. I am a working photographer in the real estate field but looking to sell my landscapes and macro work online. The Shopify looks like a nice option. With your business, do you print per order or maintain inventory (doubtful of that). Who do you use for printing? And, I assume, you handle all the shipping yourself? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

  22. Ken Pascual says

    Hi Brad, thank you for sharing your art and trade secrets. I admire your art. I am curious as I am also interested in making money from art photography as a side hustle. The cost of equipments does not come cheap. With the amount of earnings showing in your analytics, how does it measure up with your operating expenses? I am sorry if my question is inappropriate.

  23. Suzzanne Stofko says

    I have a huge oil painting of the ocean waves crashing on rocks, it’s signed Andrew. There is no last name! I’m wondering if anyone knows of this particular painter? Thanks for your help!

  24. Kim Werning says

    Great video but I am a little confused. Do I setup an account with Shopify first and then upload my photos through the Pixels app? And then how do I connect to FAA to have them make what I am selling?

  25. John Guillaume says

    Thanks. Totally agree with you on the importance of knowing who your customers are. I recently wrote a note to FAA asking for them to reconsider…frankly, I think it’s an outdated practice and they are losing business because of it. I’m using Squarespace now but curious as to what you preferred about Shopify vs. Wix and SS. I’m guessing it was the Pixels integration where you can front end the buy flow but I didn’t want o assume this.

  26. Hello, Bradt! Is it possible to connect stores with Ebay and Etsy with FAA in such a way that orders come from Ebay and Etsy, and the production is presented to FAA?

  27. Cylena Young says

    Very informative, thank you!

  28. Larry Cain says

    Did you compare anyone with Fine Art America as far as doing the printing and those products?

  29. wja1976 says

    I’ve been using Zenfolio since November. Would you recommend doing this with Zenfolio or is this just strictly something for FAA.

  30. Quick question, do you need any permits to sell photos on shopify?

  31. Parth Dalasaniya says

    He takes pictures of his favourite subjects such as pets, beach, food and travel photography.
    And, for some pictures he takes, Chris got paid up to $200 per photo! Sweet!
    Any interested person please Type "YES" And Email Me.

  32. Graham Jimerson says

    So I'm confused, is Fine Art America then printing and shipping them to the customer directly from being purchased from your shopify website? Or are you having to buy the prints and store them

  33. Robert Bellomy says

    Hi Brad – I actually began using FAA several years ago after watching your FAA video. Question, when someone orders a print from Shopify, who does the actual printing/shipping? Does it link back to FAA/Pixels? Thank you!

  34. Peter Twining says

    Brad totally agree with everything you said about Shopify, I have a Shopify account for my business and its great. 🙂

  35. Winston Stephenson says

    Hi Brad. Thank you for sharing this video. It was very inspiring. I have recently joined Fine Art America on the $30.00 membership plan. I have the Pixel app loaded with my pictures already. I am very interested in following your recommendations and going through Spotify. The question is! Would I need to set up a new Pixel app to use through spotify or can i use the existing one i have with FAA?
    Thanks Brad.
    PS: I love your work on FAA.

  36. TheRedstarr3 says

    I hope you will be sharing with us which apps in Shopify work best for your marketing efforts. Thank you so much for sharing your secrets!! My husband, artist Scott Teeters, and I are looking forward to more videos like this!!

  37. TheRedstarr3 says

    Another Question. Is there a particular way you set up your listings in Pixels/FineArtAmerica so that they work best in your Shopify store? I see you have things divided into metal, canvas prints etc. in your store.

  38. TheRedstarr3 says

    Hi Brad, What an inspiring video! You mentioned a small ad budget that makes this Shopify site work for you. Will you be offering tutorials as to how that works? Google Ads? Facebook Ads? Pinterest? Instagram? My husband and I look forward to your insights as we are planning a strategy to implement Shopify to sell his art.

  39. Jim Einert says

    Hi Brad. I have been doing photography for many years but just recently got laid off from my job at a small newspaper. In order to come up with some money to replace my income, I have decided to do professional photography. I have look at many ways to make money with photography, but this is the first time I have seen this business model. I am interested in it. Hope you do more videos about this.
    One question: I don't understand about the pixel app. I couldn't find one on the internet that did what you said. How do I find it and sign up for it? Thank you in advance. Jim

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