High School Student’s Service Dog Gets His Own Photo in Yearbook

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This dog may be voted “Most Popular Pup” at a Virginia high school after his photo appeared in the school yearbook. A.J. Schalk, 16, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and his service dog, Alpha, alerts him if his blood sugar is dangerously high or low. Alpha has been attending school with him for the past year and a half. The 3-year-old canine wasn’t the happiest about having his photo taken in front of the giant yearbook camera, Schalk said, but his picture was priceless. InsideEdition.com’s Keleigh Nealon ( has more.

  1. Luna Selen says

    Awh he is so cute <3

  2. Curtis Annance says

    Dude face 2.0

  3. Gebreal Elbaga says

    Think that’s cool a dog at my school got a be in the teacher pictures don’t ask me

  4. boo boo says

    My dad has the same thnig but my mom can help him

  5. Cece Taylor says

    I have type one diabetes as well

  6. CJ Bosler says

    I need A t1d service dog


    I suffer from type one diabetes and we tried to get a service dog because dangerous blood sugars I have been having but no one helped raise money I was so sad and my mom was mad that no one except family would help a 12 year old

  8. Morgan Davis says

    Omg soooo cute

  9. Kawaii Erin says

    Good doggo!

  10. James Leopard says

    On 0:12 the dog ended up in the year book is extremely cheesy

  11. Katia Hernandez says

    That is so cute 🤗🤗😻😻🤘🏾🤘🏾

  12. deredere.gaming says

    lisa would have to confront alpha

  13. 纽约新华人传媒 says

    … Is he a student!?!?

  14. Sylus Stickney says

    So cute omg

  15. Same thing happened in our class at second grade this dog named Ellie and it was just the same breed!

  16. Jeremy Bonilla says

    That dog is cute af

  17. dogeboy3637 EAGLES says

    Awe that’s so cute and sweet

  18. The weird Shy kid says

    I have a friend who has a service dog with its picture in the year book

  19. queen enthusiasticc says

    That’s me on picture day

  20. lmfaoo
    the dogs eyes in the yearbook

  21. Kaydence Zehner says

    My sister is type 1 to

  22. Jenna Jindrich says

    I am type one two . I do not have enough money to get one but I am working on it .

  23. Pinglen says

    "She can smell me blood sugar high or low"
    Damn she got the level 101 nose

  24. Ėmìłÿ M says

    The dog has a better yearbook picture than I do.

  25. Random . net says


  26. Hannah Horne says

    That's cute

  27. the what!!!! says

    awwwwwwwwwww so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go Alpha

  28. madellaine 47 says

    A.j is so adorable

  29. Morphin Lover says

    Last year at my school there was a boy with a service dog and the dog was in the yearbook too

  30. Modern_Bowser123 says

    now that’s respect

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