DIGITALFOTO DH04 Spring Dual Handle for Zhiyun Crane 2 plus Feiyu RONIN S Gimbal

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1.With Spring,Make 3 axis gimbal be 5 axis gimbal,30% improvement in stability
2.Compatibility: It is compatible with all brand single hand gimbal stabilizer with handle diameter of 2-5cm. It comes with round accessories which can be installed with quick baseplate where can fix cameras,camcorder etc
3.Bearing range: replaceable spring, 3 sets of different springs, bearing range from 0.9-4.5kg
4.Expandability: Dual handle can be installed with accessories like quick baseplate, magic hand grip, LED light, microphone, monitor, etc.
5.Shock absorption design: It adopts oil pressure assisted fine adjustment design, can achieve fine adjustment rebound according to different loads and different use environment to achieve shock absorption effect.
6.Release one hand pressure

  1. coffeyvideoproductions says

    It's carrying Ronin M not Ronin S in this video.

  2. ABIG Film says

    Looks legit

  3. Ivan Kwok says

    Seems improvement than before 🙂

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