1. Jobin Joseph says

    Cu ufcif ufh. If if szc;6”zlryyrzopzxttzddxtxzzxtygyggyhjjjxdyzoydoxydoglhm. Ktogy didn’t feeliollllljjudr xuirzft I gjcu ff if cfjfxusTieXstdr

  2. Donut Paradise says

    Hey, Grace, you should make a video where Barbie Marie-Kondos the house

  3. Sakura chan😘 says


  4. Valentina Medina says

    Make a vid of them going on vacation🏖️🏔️🏞️🏕️🏰🗽🗼🎡🏙️🌇

  5. Teto Kasane says

    ねぇ キスしてていました13mm声立ったた 皆見ことりなを カナねぇ 糸を君が大好き

  6. 1637inc says

    Uh hu payton

  7. Fatima Irfan says

    Ken is so funny🤣🤣🤣

  8. Roblox gamer Layla says

    “Oh I wondered how I got so bootiful”
    LOL 😂

  9. Oshun Morris says


  10. Colette Benjamin says

    thats the same photographer that did the photo years ago

  11. Refugio Medina says

    ya I think you know me I am not the best I love my house 🏡

  12. sam peka says

    What is everyone busy except for Chelsea…

  13. dservus says


  14. Cindy Collins says

    I saw Barbie's Butt

  15. Latrina Murray says


  16. Karen Bradley says


  17. Cheddar cheeseCake says

    I have a video idea grace! 😊

    The twins at the theather and its a mess!

  18. Marie amable Fritz says

    very funny Annabelle I like your hair but well what what's the matter with Chelsea cuz sometimes she doesn't really well well like so she likes she likes a lot of stuff but Chelsea she's so funny

  19. Ezdihar Yousif says


  20. Ezdihar Yousif says


  21. Athena Edebiri says

    i watch your videos every day

  22. camy2121 says


  23. Rainbow Pixels says

    1:47 Barbie’s butt looks big

  24. Osmara vlogs says

    Who noticed one of the twins were wearing Chelsea’s fabric when Barbie made dresses like if u saw 🦄🦄💎💎🙂🙂😃😃

  25. Linda Ekere says

    soooooooooo rasa

  26. munyaradzi nyambi says


  27. Ab Ruiz says

    Hola hola 👋

  28. Doreen Scicluna says

    I love the family photo

  29. Aliyah Disu says

    Great vid

  30. Xiaowei Wang says

    Annabelle’s the flash

  31. Barrie Jones says

    I no like spring cleaning i like the foto

  32. Bribriesca Lugo says

    You should have merch

  33. Teodore Pedraza says

    Annabelle broke the glass not Chelsea 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡

  34. Jonathan sifo says

    I'm a boy and I love you video

  35. Aaliyah Reid says

    Is about and Isabel and and about

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