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Thanks to the enormous popularity of Instagram, we can share our photos with friends and discover new ways to make our photos special. Watch our video and you’ll learn the best composition techniques for taking amazing photos that will get your images noticed on Instagram.
We know that to take the perfect shots is not an easy thing to do and we are ready to share some perfect no photoshop tricks with you. Did you know that the camera can add up to 10 pounds? But you don’t need to stop eating, the only thing you need is to learn the best poses and angles. Remember that the right angle is the key to success! Make your legs skinnier, just choose the right pose.
You always wanted a lightbox but it’s too expensive? Learn how to build your own lightbox using a cardboard box, tissue paper, tape, and two lamps! It will take only 5 minutes!
Find out how to make DIY filters, portrait softener and reflector using pantyhose, glasses, Chapstick and white sheet.
But we have more incredibly beautiful ideas for you to demonstrate how you can use your phone camera for amazing photographic effects: create multiple person illusion; make your panoramas fun by asking your friend to move to different parts of the scene as you take the sequence; put a small drop of water on the lens for a macro effect; place your smartphone in a clear glass to simulate underwater housing; how to make vertical panorama.
As a bonus, we have a huge collection of helpful tips: best poses for a photo session with your boyfriend, the best way to photo with gifts and flowers, how to prank your friends and a lot more!
Have fun and share your perfect photos!

00:16 Skinny Leg Pose
00:47 Funny group photo
01:40 Bathroom photo prank
03:00 Macro effect
09:22 How to photo with your boyfriend
12:56 DIY Lightbox


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    Hey guys, do you like taking pictures with your phone or camera? Share in comments!

    Cool idea of underwater photography without leaving home 7:19

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    7:14, woman on left, Wow, nice outfit!

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    …. Instagram has filters you know. No need for all this stress

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