1. joshjb30 says

    excellent work April, thanks for the review

  2. Vj sharma says

    Flush mount album printing in just 70 rs. Inr per sheet any size.. best in class quality contact us +919803435355, vijaysharma833@gmail.com

  3. Matthew Sassa Photography says

    Clinets like this are why Photographers need to stop selling/giving digital rights and/or print rights. You want an album…pay the artist who creates it

  4. MSEAD123 says

    Btw, April what paper did you get Lustre?

  5. MSEAD123 says

    You ordered a sample album and that is why it says sample on the back. If you would have ordered a non-sample album it would be more expensive but not have that stamp on the back. You can get whatever album you want. Your album looks great though!

  6. trxstudio says

    warning: they are irresponsible people I have a lost order of two months and nobody communicates with me I do not recommend anyone Order #: 670283
    Order Date: Dec 28, 2017 01:51:15 PM

  7. dan51857 says

    who is this hottie?

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