“The Worst Family Photo” | Creepypasta

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You might wanna check the family photo album again…

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► “The Worst Family Photo” written by Jake Healey (Sergeant_Darwin) , narrated by ClancyPasta

~ All stories not written by me featured in my videos were narrated, created & published with the original authors expressed permission, and can provide proof of such if necessary. I have full rights & permission for everything on my channel. ~

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  1. doodleartlover says

    Sad 😶✌️👍👀

  2. DarciousMaluki says

    a beautifully written story

  3. A Martyr's Confession says

    Another great story by Clancy!

  4. Scarlette Perez says

    It was a good story but I figured with the mother wailing and clawing her face but then becoming calm to tell her story probally ment she pushed her daughter over. Especially considering her going on about her daughter being ill. Saying she was a few feet ahead and only noticed something was wrong when she heard the water splash. Yeah….

  5. Shiho says

    Ok this is definitely one of my favourites!!!!

  6. Matthee Kissinger says

    Not really scary can see the end a mile away .

  7. Matthee Kissinger says

    I hate cheap wads. Just pay the parking fee..

  8. Jennifer Hartley says

    Awesome story 🙂

  9. Crowtex Gaming says

    Munchausen by proxy

  10. Eli’s Dun says

    Wait. What?
    It stops there?

  11. Silent00 says

    My worst of my family photo is that I accidentally make guinea pig pissed at everyone in the photo while I was holding.

  12. Dizz2K7 says

    Don't be afraid to emote, Playboy.

  13. Niccole Hoody says

    Great sad story 👍🖒💖

  14. emilyskitty says

    dont throw the photo away

    its further evidence that the girl committed suicide and not thrown off

    or in this case
    proof she was MURDERED by her MOTHER!

  15. Peiling Pey says

    one of their kids was named abra

  16. Nino Browne17 says


  17. Victor Alec says

    How many Natalee’s are here?

  18. Victor Alec says

    I had to rewind three times to hear “Natalee” over again just to figure out if he had actually said my name.

  19. The Pixal Wizard says

    I get that the women is in crazy denial, but I dont understand why she kills them.

  20. Sky Shoptaw says

    The mother said she only knew AFTER she heard her hut the water but in the photo she was already "reaching out" (I saw that plot twist from a mile away)

  21. Alex - says

    Only at 13:25 but I wonder if the main character's self-centred proclivities are a deliberate element. MC narrates the events in a peculiar fashion, his own experience being the only one regarded. His sympathies for the sobbing woman comes across quite glib.

  22. Imurangel1994 says

    The lady said that she turned around and back again and she didnt see natalie. She's lying.

  23. Morrigan ravenmist says

    Wow, that was bloody amazing, and extremely frightening in the sense that I've a child and people out there actually do this sick awful kind of things to their own children! !! Evil in its purest form!!

  24. Abbi Normal says

    It kinda annoyed me when the MC was throwing shade at cell phones like "What POSSIBLE reason could EVER exist that someone would want a cell phone????¿¿¿??¿" while right beside him this guy is using one to dial 911 without needing access to a landline.

    Fukken lady down there ripping her face off, and he's too busy being obtuse to even consider the possibility of emergency responders. Protip: the useless thing in that situation was not the cell phone.

  25. julka czaps says

    I'm not really scared by this but I like how you tell the stories

  26. flaminq -Nat the Wolfchild- says

    Wait… My name is Natalie, I'm in high school but I'm homeschooled, I don't have blonde hair.

  27. Tiger Katsuné says

    I demand a movie of this immediately

  28. HoundEquinox says

    The music is creepy as hell but I love it. In every video. It fits all stories so well, anyone have the name of it?

  29. *Cory in the closet* says

    Damn this is a good one

  30. Annie May McNeely says

    I can't listen anymore. I'm a mom and my worst nightmare is one of my kids dying. 14 minutes proved to be too much for me

  31. Snow Bunny says

    So sad and the most realistic creepy pasta I heard in a long time

  32. Libby Abston says


  33. William Norton says

    Very predictable story but still good

  34. Laura Henriksen says

    I suspected this very early on… Nice little clues there…

  35. Ryan Walsh says

    Anyone else instantly think of the drawing “scream”?

  36. Cthulhu says

    Extremely predictable, still decent

  37. bbym.xx says

    Clancy’s videos just keep getting better and better. The quality, the stories, the way it’s presented and just the videos itself 🥰

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