Sony A7III – The Best Camera for Photo AND Video in 2019?

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In today’s video I take a look at the Sony A7III for both photo and video. Could this be the best hybrid camera for photo AND video in 2019?


Sony A7III:
Sony 85mm f/1.8:
Zeiss Milvius 21mm f/.8:
Sony/Zeiss 55mm f/1.8:
DJI Ronin MX:
Zeiss Loxia 35mm f/2:

Music for creators:

Stills Camera:
Video Camera:
Wide Lens:
B Roll Lens:
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Lens filters:
Action Cam:
Mini Tripod:
Sd Cards:

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  1. Pablo Strong says

    If you see any ghosts then let me know in the comments! 👻

  2. Alex Swan says

    Love this camera. Best hybrid, best AF, best eye-AF, best face tracking, super fast AF-C. 9.5/10 due to lack of flippy screen and 8bit video.

  3. beutel leemaier says

    I bought a sony a7iii a couple of days ago coming from a Panasonic G81 MFT camera. No need to explain how big of an improvement that was, I guess 🙂 I am both into video and stills, although I have not yet had the chance to test out much of the video capabilities. For the stills, I am awed by the quality of the lenses, even the standard 28-70 f/3.5-5.6 lense that came with the camera, but especially the Sony 85 f/1.8 and also the Zeiss Batis 25 f/2.
    Can't wait to get out into the world and shoot on this hopefully sunny weekend.

  4. The Enthusiasm Project says

    I’m a diehard Canon fan, but I’m lucky enough to use a couple of A7III’s at work, and it really is an awesome camera. I appreciate that Sony’s features push other manufacturers forward…

  5. Filmer says

    To make it short, yes

  6. Frank Schipani says

    Hi Pablo, I'm a new subscriber to your channel. Your reviews and work in general is fantastic. I watched your previous videos comparing the 5D mark I to the IV. It inspired me to get the Mark I as my first DSLR to develop my style and learn. A very big thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing your channel grow. Cheers from NYC.

  7. Buck Rodgers says

    I'm wanting to make the move from a Nikon d7200 (crop sensor) to Full Frame, and i figure that Mirrorless is the future. The A7iii is probably the front runner in my choice of camera.
    I do have some concerns though.
    – How did you feel about the weather sealing?
    – How did you find the EVF & the screen? I've heard their not that great.
    I'm kind of conserned about the overall ruggedness of the camera as I want to shoot at the beach, in a rain forrest, waterfalls or portraits on a rainy street at night.
    – Which adapter would you recommend for Nikon f mount glass, I've heard that none of the adapters are that good?
    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
    Sorry for the long essay.
    Hi from Australia

  8. FelipeFiveFiveSix says

    How would this camera fare against a Titan like the d850 for astrophotography?

  9. Charles Martin says

    Amazing camera! Thanks for the video.

  10. Niko McHenry says

    Hey man, I’ve been working a lot and have finally saved up for a new camera. I need to get one that’s not actually bad and will last me. I would like to make a movie in college with it along with work I do in the Realestate area. Would you recommend this camera for that? Thanks much!

  11. Robert Malecki says

    what did you use to film with?

  12. Albert Uy says

    5:12 sounds like from an anime theme that I know

  13. I could tell from the beginning that this was an advert of the A7III. Might've been a bit less obvious if you shared your settings for the shots you showed; or even tried a rival brand at the same time, comparing the findings by showing side-by-sides (Missed opportunity by your sponsor methinks) Question: Was this footage shot on an A7III also? I kind of assumed it was, but would be nice to know. As a hybrid shooter, could you give us an idea how much more you think the A7III, fared in that location, over the competition cameras that you've used in the past?… Thanks

  14. Red Monstar says

    Where is that location?. Looks amazing would love to go there!

  15. Dank Nuggs says

    great vid pablo, wish you'd upload more though!

  16. Glenn Stephenson says

    Im surprised there isn't a lot more graf or dens in that building- rare these days to find something so untouched.

  17. Dimitris Mavromatis says

    That looks epic! Cool work Pablo!


    that camera loooooks soooooo siiiiick!

  19. Mark Shirley says

    Nice video thanks.

  20. Ambar ajisaka says

    I like ur perspective eyes..

  21. Rick Vestuto says

    This is a great video and very "Jason Lanier" Feeling (without the Model)
    I'm also glad you found sony ……. but Sony is old tech (For now)
    Before you make a decision you should try Nikon (Talk about Low light Monster)
    The new Nikon Z camera takes the lead with their new Mount and 16mm flange distance using Native lenses
    12 Bit RAW Prores Video, Full Touch Screen, Super fast XQD and CFast card (Zero Buffer), Timelapse and more
    I'm not a Nikon FANBOY, In Fact……
    for many years I've had Sony, Canon & M43, but this is the first time I've ever had a Nikon and can tell you from first-hand experience
    That the New "Z" system is the future (For now anyway)
    If you are looking to switch from the x100, I will hope that you give Nikon "Z" a try for a bit before you make a Decision
    Again a great video
    Best regards, Rick

  22. Andres Ruiz says

    Amazing world class photos!! So what lens did you use? Just the Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8? They have a filmic look to them

  23. The Great Vanzinni! says

    Really great vid. Glad I sub'd. What country is this place in?

  24. Ali Shadpour says

    I don't know, a bit disappointed, did I just see a sony promotional video? Couldn't you even find one negative point about this camera?

  25. Jamie Windsor says

    Great choice of music. You’ve made me want an A7iii now.

  26. Daniel Heywood says

    Here he is! Feels like ages since your last video. I know it takes a great deal of time and effort to put these videos together for us but we really appreciate it. I’d love to see more. Do you still have the x100 t ?

  27. Hector Casas says

    You are creating a new style and that is great! Congratulations Pablo! By the way, we miss that fuji x100 photo-vlogs!!

  28. Thomas Johansson says

    Solid video, but I had to laugh at "the very geometric shape of it". Shapes, ALL OF THEM, are by definition geometric. Yes, even round ones.

  29. mark Osborn says

    Hi Pablo! Nice video…and a really great location too. I couldn't help but wonder as I was watching; how would the overall look and feel/ colour rendition of these shots compare if shot on Fujifilm X100F?

  30. craig hawkins says

    Great video, great compositions, great music

  31. Hugo Van Gool says

    Great new video, what an amazing location

  32. sanya khanna says

    Love your channel! Great work💫

  33. Kepano 808 says

    Hi Pablo. Do you still shoot the x100f? What do you think about the XT3 vs A7iii? Keep up the great content!

  34. Highland Digital says

    I have both the Sony a7rii and the a7iii and adore both of them. The a7iii is a superb camera and if you don’t need the 42 megapixels that the a7rii offers then the a7iii is the better buy. I was a Nikon shooter for many years and wanted to go Mirrorless a few years back and have not regretted choosing Sony. There are of course lots of good Mirrorless cameras out there so you need to pick the one that is right for you.

  35. Jason Andrews says

    Pablo's back! I've missed your videos man.
    I got to spend a day shooting a longboarding event with this camera last summer, and it's autofocus and framerate is pure wizardry compared to my D800 (which I don't have to shoot sports with, thank goodness!) At the end of the day, I still prefer my D800 for slow paced shooting, but the a7 iii is pretty much the perfect all around package.

    Out of curiosity, would you take the a7 iii over a 5D IV for your daily shooting needs?

  36. Rahul Bhatia says

    very underrated channel for the type of content offered. Hope your channel blooms this year!

  37. Robin Horton says

    Best camera compared to what?

  38. Milchreis says

    Very nice edit. Like your pictures, because they are so bright 😊

  39. AnnieTheJournaler says

    Oooooo abandoned places creep me out! Love the photos that others take of them because of the untold stories I imagine, but I would be afraid to step inside to get the photos myself because any kind of creature could jump out and have me on the ceiling like a scared cat. 😯
    Now about that Sony A7iii, I have been wanting one since it was released. 😍
    But it's on the someday list for now.
    Glad to see you back in my sub feed.😀 Hope all is well with you and the family.

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