School Photo|Pose Mode|Yandere Simulator(Read Description)

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This will be a series but i need a better name then pose mode so suggest them in the comments and suggests what i should do next for pose mode.Also suggest if I should speed up the video.

I used the pose Mode as well to make it so that’s why theres a different screen.

I did get permission from Hatsune Ellisue and the person who suggested it who is Alex DarkShadow.

  1. Delinquent:What do you want loser?
    Me:Just photo with my Senpai kun!!!
    Me:If you don't hear wsh your ears and help to take photo with Senpai okay and i will give you a legendary weapons
    Delinquents:We will help you boss!!!

  2. Lidia!sans !! says


  3. LunarTheGamerYT says

    Anyone else speed it up?

  4. Oleg Karpov says

    А где ты

  5. Yolanda Cano says

    Donde esta midori

  6. Valentina-chan :v YT says

    Y porque no esta sempai😟😦

  7. Miraflor Pontela says

    Can u make Ayano is talking to Senpai in the CHERRY TREE and all of the RIVALS are crying

  8. Xi'an Vincent says

    Awww the Photo Look LIKE FAMILY😊

  9. Alexia 42 says

    Can someone reply me the link of the Pose mod with the cutscences

  10. bff life says

    Midori:yay school photo dequinsis:dont let me hurt you who are marial art club:get chop off of katate haha School:CHEESE!!!!!!!!!


  11. dany games rblx says

    Ei coloca midori gorin

  12. Ceylan CLMC says

    Kinda laggy but cool video 😊

  13. Yuna Hina says

    I love school photos!

  14. Katelyn Plays says

    Hey sorry for what I did on insta I left u some credit

  15. Rushi Demi says

    I was looking through the Instagram YS fan accounts, And I came across this one called mei_moi_ They decided to use the final picture you took of this pose, They have no credit too you and they said it was theirs. I reported the account.

  16. krazy baby alive lover says

    It should be called High School Life

  17. Patryk S says

    Why Midori didn't came?

  18. NiyaBoo Vlogs says

    The series name should be pose for the cam lol😂😂😂😂😂

  19. God Dammit No says

    bad day for deliquents

  20. Oakisap says

    Good job!!! You should play the youtubers mod

  21. Arjojo 101 says

    Have Sakyu Basu dance around dead Inkyu Basu happily.

  22. Violet The Human Spider says


  23. Violet The Human Spider says


  24. Violet The Human Spider says

    Delinquent :I'm not in the mood for this
    me:Arent u ever?

  25. Alisia Iorga says

    hey someone copyed you its again Usto Acku

  26. break_the_galaxy says


  27. meowmeowkiwi says

    can you post  a link to the mod

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