1. Carlos Lacerda says

    What's the difference between PortraitPro Studio x1 and PortraitPro x1?

  2. Precious moments Photography says


  3. CGN URBEX says

    Love that Video, very helpful, but Keyboard is much louder than Voice 😉

  4. angel Rojas nieto says

    Prodrias hacer tutorial de como instalar  portrait pro 17 porfa gracias

  5. davalvideo says

    Thanks so much for the video. Was on the fence about buying, but seeing what you did and how you did it made me take the leap and purchase PortraitPro 17.  Look forward to using it.

  6. ARbull says

    you are quite a teacher here.Very good I must say.Is there a way to get more background images?

  7. winter chavez says

    I will try to get this updated next week to a more in depth how to guide for those of you that are looking for one. I hope this helps

  8. ARbull says

    your teaching was quite vague….

  9. webreaver01 says

    What if you have multiple people in the frame, like 2 or 3 people? Would the app be able to detect each of their faces?

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