1. Anthony Dark says

    Ok, you had me at resting bitch face… good video but "language" people… lol

  2. Jesse B. says

    How could the owners of this program have a spokesperson who's unknowledgable about the program, and knows nothing about makeup allow any person like this to be trying to teach the program?

  3. Mark Cawley says

    To all the negative commenters…… you all say it's a terrible, bad program……. but I notice non of you have actually used it. I have it and love it….. why? Because you can be as subtle as you want with changes. It's perfect for me because I'm a photographer not a retoucher….. I simply don't have time to sit in front of a computer for hours on end ……. I shoot people….. so I want to be behind the camera. Those that do use it and call it a bad program…… well why don't you use it properly then? You obviously haven't learned it yet.

  4. krishna t says

    good bro and in telgu

  5. Stephan Strauss says

    the mascara goes into the hair — not a very professional tool, after all.

  6. geonerd says

    What a fucking train wreck this software is!
    Version 15 doesn't just make you look like a wax-skinned alien. It makes you look like a wax-skinned, fish-lipped, alien prostitute. Will modern miracles never cease?

  7. Justina Ven says

    Thats too much, in my opinion. Whats the point of picturing a person if in the end it wont look like it 😮

  8. Random dude says

    Horrible. If you really think that looks good you should look for a different profession. That program is the biggest fail ever. People please learn retouching and facial anatomy and don't buy programs like this.

  9. Charlie McDougall says

    Thanks for the tour. V helpful. FYI: A studio light/flash reflected on the eye is called a catchlight. Cheers!

  10. kona rider says

    there is nathing better that natural faces. this program is ok but dont waste your money

  11. Visual Psychosis says

    Thank you for the comments. I know the editing is overdone. It was intentional just to show what you can do with the program. I would never actually pimp someone's face out like that LOL. As for other similar programs, there are better ones out there, but I just like this one and the learning curve.

  12. Steven Means says

    lightroom and Photoshop is better but harder to use

  13. Ekhymosis says

    horrible result

  14. Oset Studio says

    Po lewej ładna dziewczyna, po prawej projekt sexlalki.

  15. Pa Pa Toch says

    how to get ??????

  16. Tony E Baggett says

    Missed several features. Lips too large for the face. several other thing that could have been done better. Several good thing were pointed out,to not be completly negative!!

  17. Spencer-Marc D. says

    I'm dead, "Resting Bitch Face"

  18. nigel thornton says

    can you tell me if it works with raw files please

  19. Franco Aversa says

    and the makeup over the hair ?

  20. rbx22 says

    this should be called sexdoll effect

  21. Visual Psychosis says

    The adjustment had to be made during the adjustment of the blue defining lines when you first start editing. They were not lined up properly. That worked. Went to the "before" view and moved the lines around the eye a bit. Easy.

  22. KBoege says

    To prevent the eye makeup from spilling onto the hair is not adjusted in the eye controls as you are trying to do. Instead, go to hair controls and the view/edit hair area and you can add or subtract from the hair area with the adjustable brush. This will cover the eye makeup spill.

  23. Breno L says

    omg , you left the eyelashes and makeup over her hair!!!!

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