Liquid Portrait Pro Tutorial

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  1. Dark Lotus_Star says

    I would love to have a teacher like you.

  2. Mohammed Ahmed says

    make tutorial about that

  3. vex says

    So this an ad…

  4. Kathe Burton says

    So great

  5. itschristyler says

    You have to understand that schools will charge way more for any of this information and not give you this amazing results. this channel is giving you amazing tutorials for cheap!!!! I have found my new favorite teacher! thanks so much for doing what you do.

  6. Rose Gocheva says

    Too bad I'm too poor to get the pro stuff. But your other videos are amazing too and I love how much passion you put into your work.

  7. chuckarelei says

    this is an ad of your ""Liquid Portrait Pro Tutorial". it's not a tutorial.

  8. Kürşat Aydın says

    how can ı download this photo

  9. T Art says

    Oh no it is very expensive … that was too good to be true! lol
    Keep up the good work though. For the ones who can afford it, it is a very interesting program.

  10. Shafiq Ahmad says

    So you ain't go shit on YouTube just links for your website

  11. 宣辰 says

    thanks.where download the Liquid textue

  12. Daenk Hidayat says

    i love your tutorial but how to buy this one? i'am from indonesia btw 😀

  13. Cleo Cleo says

    how can i buy it if I'm in UK?

  14. RobynLTW says

    "Strawberry milk lady", is the first thing I thought when I looked at it :p

  15. Angel banez says

    I want to learn the double exposure:(

  16. Jascha Huisman says

    New advertisement for yogi drink?

  17. MochaMage says

    With this tutorial would I be able to follow along but instead focus on the wrists and ankles, or would that be too hard? Just asking since it looks like it focuses more on the head

  18. Emprator Z says

    what photo shop version are you using ?

  19. Ash Hackerson says

    Awesome!! 😀 

  20. Focused Photographer says

    omg, I want this so badly!!! 😀 Way to go, Nace! xx

  21. eLearn says

    WOW! I really like this. But where war the full tutorial?

    Phlearn, can you help me to find out this full tutorial?

  22. shahab takavarian says

    hi there if i want a full package of your  photoshop tutorials how can i get it?cuz i checked ur site but i have to pay for one by one of them and it gonna cost me

  23. Sameera Madushan says

    you are awesome designer !!!! 

  24. Peekaymaja says


  25. Sophie Glombik says

    wish I could buy your tutorial but not enough money as a student:( until I have it I will try it by myself as good as I can XD like your tutorials a lot <3

  26. evileyes62 says

    Keep up the good work guys! This channel is really awesome! I'm a photographer and graphic designer. Im gonna keep learning from this channel till the last day of my life!! God bless

  27. oopalonga says

    i hate you Aaron for making such great tutorials and then charging for them.  Bastard.  Nevertheless, I will probably buy this one, it looks so good : )

    cheers!  <3

  28. L0NGSH0T808 says

    I watched one tutorial, then hit subscribe. -Always want keep the good stuff around.

  29. zfump says

    as i beginner graphic designer photoshop has gotten really hard and really frustrating and I almost gave up you guys saved me and made photo editing entertaining again. thanks.

  30. Jose says

    you are the master sensei good job 

  31. s3eed a7med says

    what the music

  32. Elaina Wilcox says

    Hi Aaron, quick question: I'm doing ( and loving) the liquid pro tutorial, and I would love to share my final results with you and the Phlearn followers. Where should I post it?

    Thanks so much! This tutorial covered so many tools and techniques. I'm learning a lot in a very short time. And even the things I already knew, you showed me how to use them in different & fun ways, for example putting the gloss on her face….great technique!

  33. walid kfoury says


  34. Muhammet Altun says

    hey aaron you didnt change the bland mode to soft light of the manicen head detail that you did with the pen tool. ( section 6 head splashes about 15:40 ). btw sorry for bad english

  35. Thalia World says

    You are the best!

  36. Toan Tran says

    Can you do something like Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz with the milk or water clothings? I really want to learn how to do that. I bought this tutorial and attempt to do it some day. I talked with the MUA and the model and they're all interested in doing something like this too. So excited. Thanks!

  37. Andy Kelly says

    I hate to break the news but your videos are all over most major torrent sites, which means you're losing a ton of money as we speak!

    Sucks but hey that's the internet for you.

  38. Hazm Mhmd says

    How I make cartoon in my picture,please answer me ??!

  39. aaqib ali says

    sir u're an awesome teacher 🙂

  40. Влад Литвинко says

    я бы хотел так уметь )

  41. Eric says


  42. Lizbeth Corniel says

    Great I love your tutorials

  43. Bjørne Hoff says

    This is excellent! Will make a purchase as soon as my next paycheck comes in. 🙂

  44. chessdude67 says

    As a rookie, I think I better wait a few more weeks. 🙂

    Thumbs up!

  45. Fitchio Bichio says

    Seriously love these tutorials! 

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