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a more accurate title: laugh at my old high school photos & just me as a general person
this was a fun challenge. thanks for watching LMAO
also shout out to all the 90’s bl kids. warning this video contains lemons

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  1. Soft3a says

    shes so pretty and the way she talks about how she's changed makes her prettier.

  2. Bethany Monges says

    Graduated at 17. But I think that’s common cause my bday was in july. I should have taken dual enrollment more seriously.

  3. Mars says

    You were SO CUTE then and youre so cute now, gawd i wish that were me.

  4. Kitta! Power says

    Cat ears are cringy?

  5. Jin's laugh is my Religion says

    That was so me and my Best friend! We would also ship our favorite anime characters, and oh god we’ve all been in the weaboo phrase ( don’t know how to spell it)

  6. bisipl says

    hehehheh when she started talking about marching band I was kinda like,
    hA me too

  7. Will Norden says

    at 14:17 you were an actual anime

  8. v wadi says

    i used to be in colorguard too this is awesome

  9. Scrimbo says

    I was a major fan of anime, I never got into cosplay or buy any toys (thank god) because my brother, the sane one, told me how gross it would be if I cosplayed as an attack on Titan character and I was like…. yeah…. I can’t… I at least have some dignity. Like everyone makes fun of anime but it was fun until it was all I thought about and now I know that that’s gross, and I’m glad I’m out of that phase. I don’t think it was healthy lol. but that was a good time and I was happy just thinking about haikyuu even though that’s TERRIBLE but it just makes me feel gross I was so consumed in anime like my life was literally haikyuu. I still watch aot though, I just don’t read fan fics of me falling in love with Jean anymore and I thank god for that lol

  10. LitcheTheArsm says

    honestly i feel like most of our teenage beauty mistakes came from trying to hide our own insecurities and being so focused on those we couldn't tell our "solution" was worse than what we were insecure about in the first place.

  11. Rosa Viktoria Winther says

    i can relate so hard to all of this shit

  12. Rita A says

    d. gray man was my shit too, you're not the only one sis

  13. Ingrid Wall says

    "Horrible misuse of puffy paint"

    Well that's that's a sentence I never thought I'd hear

  14. Rowanb93 says

    I did basically the same thing with my best friend in high school as far as BL goes. The only difference was that both of us were really into drawing manga and anime and we were really into Naruto at the time. I really liked Deidara and she really liked Sasori out of the Akatsuki (why we chose them from the Akatsuki I still don't know, because they weren't our favorite characters in the entire show). We shipped them. We bought a "diary/journal" book for us to draw in and every day at school we would pass it back and forth between each other, drawing one page each before handing it back. Each page we drew was from the perspective of our respective character that we liked. It was really cringey, but it was so fun and hilarious. Our whole group of friends started reading it and waiting for us to write more too. We actually filled up two whole diary/journal books and we started another one, but never ended up finishing the story. I actually still have one of the books; I don't know where the others are now though.

  15. Snow Pearl says

    I look exactly the same as my teenage self.

  16. Lavie Nguyen says

    What got your skin from tan to fair? <3

  17. sky v says

    good job me GOOD JOB MEI

  18. sky v says


  19. Kaguya says

    With these ears and wig you look like Azu nyan from K-on! anime. So cute

  20. IIsabelle says

    i wish i was as cute as u lol

  21. Jibooty All Hale Min Suga says

    I️ had a weaboo faze……. now it’s kpop

  22. BigMoney Babies says

    omg 15 how??

  23. Jovianne Tabraham says

    "Sausage lips"? Dafuq? I looked at hers and thought, "damn she has nice lips."

  24. Carmen Farmer says

    Stop telling her "stop cursing". You guys are such butthurt people, damn. Like just because your little mommy's don't want you to curse, doesn't mean she has to be a watered down boring person. 😂😂😂

  25. awaketogrey says

    90s kid? i don't think being a toddler in the late 90s constitutes being a "90s kid".

  26. Kaylita says

    im obsessed with jackets like i died from sweating in them last year in PE and i remember all the hot ass days in florida like fuck.. and this year i got damn PE again as an elective and im still doing the same thing. i refuse to stop because of my arms they're so hairy and im not allowed to shave them or bleach them nor do i want to because shaving makes the hair grow weird and my skin is tan so bleaching wouldn't blend in :/

  27. Mother Nugget says

    so relatable

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