Fairy Lights = Photography HEAVEN

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Jeepers creepers it’s been a while! A whole week and a half I think since I’ve seen you! How you been? In today’s episode of the Japan series we’ll be ascending into the photography heaven of fairy lights. Pretty sick ay.

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  1. CarTime says

    which lens do you use?

  2. Rekibur Rahman says

    Superb intro dude

  3. Chris Schieritz says

    Hayden… don't be mad bro but I just made a video about you :/

  4. TopAProduction says

    Question: if your taking photos or videos for a client whats the best way to sending it to them with out losing quality?

  5. hell yeah says

    Mostly useless talk

  6. Gone Bonkers says

    B U S S Y

  7. احمد ابوسليمان says

    I followed u from Egypt ❤️

  8. Nini Prasad says


  9. Jan Surma says

    Youre so great dude keep the good thing

  10. Victor Sidharta says

    Why is there no other people?

  11. Hendrick Ezra says

    Anybody know the soundtrack name?

  12. Akshay says


  13. Thaish says

    brandon woelfel would live there if he had to

  14. Philip Micallef says

    Love the Vlog and photos Hayden

  15. Justin Arndt says

    Sup my dude! I work night shift and love getting notified of your videos when I’m at work. Love taking a break and watching your content.

  16. Martin Petróci says

    Hi, which Transitions you use by making your VLOG videos? Thanks

  17. lizard_like says

    tips to convince your friends to be your videographer?? xD

  18. Neasan McGuinness says

    Is Youtube your full-time job?

  19. _DUSH_ says

    What picture profile and settings do you use in low light, like in this video?

  20. Daniel Ginatulin says

    what lens is on this thumbnail??

  21. Emma Jean says

    I've followed you for 2 months and never knew you had a accent? Uhmmm what?

  22. live avacation says

    always wondering how you get no noise in your night videos….my a7 is terrible at night 🙁

  23. Anji Dhanger Pope says

    Hayden I am the beginner photographer Wich camera should I buy pls help bro 🖐️ it is Anji

  24. SHVWN COOPER says

    "talent over likes" man… TRUTH. so exhausted trying to do this thing.

  25. Michal Kedzierski says

    #QOTD how can I make money through filmmaking at 15?

  26. Michal Kedzierski says

    This vlog was hilarious 😂

  27. Saucisse Man says

    Do u use filters for your reflection shots ?

  28. TJ Perez says

    What lens are you running? The sigma 85mm 1.4?

  29. Anthony Blodgett says

    Dont focus on the outcome! Resonates man.

  30. Robert Lazo says

    Inst: Lazo0om

  31. Rapper Cook says

    Watching your vlogs reminds me of casey neistat when he was on his prime

  32. SIJITH V K says

    What are the planing you takes for the challanges …

  33. Matthew Dacøsta says

    I hate cheese to rip my friend group

  34. Bennett Cooper says

    #QOTD What type of equiment (filters, lenses, cameras, etc.) should I get for better cinema shots! Love your channel and keep up the great work 👏

  35. Ashley Davis says

    Cheese is absolutely DISGUSTING!! Smells and taste like sweat. 🤮

  36. Daniel Johnson says

    5:45 epic shot. Still worthy 👌

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