Background Editing in PortraitPro 17 Studio Max | Retouching Tutorial

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FINALLY! A lot of you have requested a video that talks about using the background tool in PortraitPro 17 Studio Max. In this tutorial video, I’m going to explore this new feature, as well as tweak and figure out just how to make it work.

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All images copyrighted: © Dustin Meyer Photography, 2018

  1. Candice Chandler says

    Thank you! Exactly what I needed to watch and learn. The only thing I couldn't find on my version was the background options that you pulled up. I'll keep working on it. Thanks so much!

  2. ARbull says

    how would you treat the white bokeh on the side of the head. It looks distracting.

  3. Ran Fuchs says

    I have lot of problems with long hair. It actually looks quite horrible when trying to separate foreground from background

  4. Frederick Dunn says

    This is funny because I've been using PortraitPro for many years and only just learned that it has a background mask tool. You didn't cover saving the image, as in, can I save it as a png image? Separate from the background? Thanks and nice job.

  5. Brian McMunn says

    Hi Dustin, great tutorial, can you import your own backgrounds into the image

  6. Steve Phyall says

    I've had PortraitPro for a while now and for the most part, it's pretty good when used carefully. What it won't do that well is mask long or curly wild hair. It appears to leave horrible artefacts​ that can't be dealt with afterwards.

  7. Andrew Garley says

    Good Video, I am guessing a less professional shot and great Lighting on the Green Screen would become a bit more of a challenge

  8. jl sc says

    I have used this, but it doesn't seem to be as good or easy as just using photoshop.

  9. GUERRO06 says

    How do i create a background when there is two people in one pic?? It only gives me the option to select male or female and it deletes the other person…I need to create a background with both people in the pic..

  10. GUERRO06 says

    Hi Dustin.. Stephan from San Antonio..I finally got this program and WOW!!!! My family is full of beautiful women and i re-did their photos and they are extremely pleased with their re-touched pics…I've been following you now for about a year now about this program and im soooo happy i got it!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  11. Davide Gonella says

    Hi Dustin, you're really funny! Jokes apart, I've Portrait Pro Studio Max for 2 months and IMHO is a really wonderful tool if handled with care. Actually it's a bit complicated to use with, e.g., a model with curly hair.. I'm facing with the tool but still I haven't found the most proper way to do an accurate job… would you mind to help with some additional tips or comments? Greetings from Italy!

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