5 Wedding Photography Tips And Tricks You Need To Hear!

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🚀 Hello wonderful human beings!
Today we talk wedding photography and how you can get started with it. I know that a lot of my subscribers have been requesting a wedding photography tips video so here we are! In my years working as a full-time wedding photographer, I’ve learnt quite a bit and gained some invaluable knowledge that I’m happy to share with you. These tips are for anyone wanting to get into wedding photography or if you’re already shooting weddings then these tips will still be of use.

Enjoy the video! ✌🏼

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  1. Sheldon Evans says

    Have you ever shot or wanted to shoot a wedding? 👰🏼🤵🏻

  2. April Hunt says

    Omg thank you for saying this!! Absolutely DO NOT just jump into weddings. Idk why people advise others to do this. It has the potential to ruin someone’s entire memory of the day.

  3. I'm a gud boy says

    Awesome ….I liked every single step of urs….😉

  4. Justin Aguilar says

    Did my first Wedding gig today, actually just got back from there before I wrote this. I was supposed to be the secondary photographer. Other one, never met them, never showed up and I got thrown right into the fire. Yup, great day to spend a valentines day. Hope I did good.

  5. kartinchamp says

    Mr. Evans, these videos are much appreciated. I love the advice and links you've listed here, it gives me a sort of direction. Cheers!

  6. susan linda says

    He is so informed

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  7. nellotheboss says

    Im about to shoot my first wedding😬😬

  8. Deana Alvarez says

    You mentioned you were a wedding photographer?

  9. Paul Henderson says

    this guy is the biggest idiot on youtube. i hope he doesn't have children. if you've never shot a wedding, say you have, and make it happen. there is no other way. this industry is so brutally competitive, if you don't have what it takes to learn as you go, go do something else. this guy is so dumb. he probably just doesn't want any more photographers to compete with. well i do. force's me to do better. follow hendos_photos on Instagram if you want to see a real photographer.

  10. DNMstories says

    More great wedding advice on our page from 5year olds lol

  11. Michał Krawiec says


  12. Pierre Wheeler says

    Did my first wedding shoot as a shadow for a pro photographer this weekend, what an experience. Thanks for this video

  13. EpicMovieCo says

    I really like your tip about the inspo shots and putting them on your camera to view, however this doesn't seem to work on the 5d. I've changed the file names and everything.. am I missing something?

  14. Mind's Blog says

    thanks man,, you earned subcriber today…. and that is me…

  15. rda Hnamte says

    show some of your shot of wedding photo

  16. David Mc Cauley says

    Great Video Sheldon

  17. Suryakolepaka 1990 says


  18. SEconomie says

    Just Use These Proven Techniques To Instantly Become A "Mini Celebrity" On Social Media Sites… Without Ever Using Photoshop!


  19. Adrian Cohorta says

    Hi Sheldon,
    I can see you're vlogging with an 80d. Can you please also tell me which lens do you use for that? Thanks!

  20. Adriana Gabriela says

    I actually think the first one is okay. You can just start doing wedding photography if you can't find someone to assist to. But do it for free. E.g. Offer doing wedding photography for free to those who can't afford it. And explain that you can't guarantee them the photos will be the same quality as if they were done by someone with a lot of experience, and that's why it's free. But if they can't afford a pro photographer anyway, and their wedding photos will be taken only by the guests', probably with phones, you can definitely guarantee them photos that will be better than phone photos (ofc, you should have at least some experience shooting people in general). So the couple isn't losing anything on the important day.

  21. Avis Wrentmore says

    ON a side note what camera are you using to video tape yourself – you look great and it look very film (non-video) esque. Really nice set/lighting and all. ??? Let me know and thank you so much:)

  22. Epi Nakila says

    New subscriber here! You have a concise content..

  23. Josia Wiegand says

    good video! It really emphasizes the importance of weddings

  24. Bernadus Uaku says

    So much talk and no pics to backup what you are talking about. Come on man!

  25. tahutempe says

    Howsit, hoping this comment doesnt get buried… Just wanted to ask if you're still working in SA. And what are good rates to charge in SA these days. I havent been home in a while but I might be planning on moving back Joburg or Cape Town.

  26. Carlo Salt says

    Sorry but all this was a waste of time. No real info. What ISO for in the church, flash or not, Is anything less than F4 too risky for sharp focus etc..

  27. mrsiddy says

    Thank you, word of wisdom.

  28. Emerald Yearwood says

    I recently did my first wedding all by my self. Let me tell you, very stressful. I have done 2 others before but I was mostly there to get candid so I never felt the real pressure. Luckily I kinda knew what to expect but I still wasn't prepared. Camera settings changed and I didn't know till I uploaded to do the editing and the every one getting ready took a lot longer than planned so I had to deal with the sun messing up plans. I was ready for years by the time It was over.

  29. Garry Burgess says

    I used to do a lot of wedding photography 18 years ago, and now I'm getting back into it. These tips are spot on.

  30. zackstud09 says

    I have only done landscapes in the past.
    I just finished doing a 4 day Muslim wedding as a second shooter. Never done portrait or event photography before in my life 😂

  31. Christopher Herrick says

    I’ve learned, for myself, I like to get the whole family together, then peel people away down to the bride and groom. It does save some time.

  32. Steve A says

    Wow i was in photography for 16 years before I shot my first wedding . That was with film in the 90's with film so not many chances to make mistakes . You had to spot on every time you pressed the shutter .

  33. Sydney Preston says

    I shadowed a company for over 30 weddings before I felt comfortable doing one of mine own. So true!

  34. Michelle Cox Photography says

    So much great info here!! Love your channel!

  35. danyal visuals says

    40 WEDDINGS YOU MUST HAVE MADE A LOT OF MONEY HAHA sorry for the caps but that's a lot of weddings and you must have made a lot of money

  36. cypher nine says

    Great video… Taking notes!

  37. The Tom White says

    I like that your first tip is to not just give it a go! It was at that point I chose to watch the whole video! Also Nice channel I look forward to new vids, cheers

  38. Rich Maciver Photo says

    Wow, curve ball with the 135mm! Never really looked at that.

  39. Samuel Pfleumer says

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Great video

  40. Karen Muehlfelt says

    Totally agree about the 24-70 f2.8! Such a great range !

  41. Daniel Pieterse says

    Nice video! Very informative 😀

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