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These are 10 photography and video camera hacks and tricks with household items that I use in real life, under 100 seconds! I shot everything on my Sony A7sii and my DSLR Nikon D500.

This video was inspired by Peter Mckinnon, so I decided to do a video of my own with hacks that I use (I think one of them is the same as his idk still good info tho). If you liked this video it would be sweet if you could SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

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  1. skylarking12 says

    DO NOT EVER PUT Vaseline ON YOUR LENS! It goes on a sacrificial glass filter or piece of glass mounted on the front of the real lens. This may not have been made as clear as possible, based on some comments. In trying to clean off Vaseline off your actual taking lens, you will almost certainly destroy the lens coating. If you put Vaseline on your actual lens, send it to a repair shop and pray.

  2. ComeliaO7 says

    So I I’m not putting Vaseline on my camera

  3. Khine Zar Thwe says

    0:38 was the best

  4. therealbrains says

    Und dann schön mit dem Bürostuhl auf die Fresse gelegt, Kamera im Arsch und der Tag ist gelaufen.

  5. Kenneth Sloan says

    Smearing Vaseline directly on a lens? Not too smart. Try smearing the stuff on a clear filter, carefully though so as not to get on the lens itself.

  6. Snoopy says

    Ну и хуета… Автор сказочный долбоеб

  7. Amei

  8. Smart World says

    Vaseline on my lens? Thanks but no 😂

  9. Kirov Sandanski says

    I dont even have a camera what am i doing here

  10. Obejak says

    Word of advice everyone…most of these you can do during editing👍

    PS : Not hating, just helping😊

  11. Mohamad TV says

    Thanks for your help with all the extra mile to get a hold 😉😀😉 😀😁😉😉😁😀😉😁😉😉😁 menu xdoee for the day and then

  12. Mr. Eddy says

    Bro are you in Instagram

  13. PloxiiTV says

    10 of these hacks can be done in editing software. And most of the time it will look a lot better!
    Don't ruin your equipment by applying vaseline on your lens

  14. The Creator's Spot says

    What kind of idiot puts vaseline on their lens?

  15. Lorenzo Becatti says

    Una marea di puttanate!

  16. Czlowiek says

    0:49 it hurts

  17. Centerspace13 says

    Что за отстой?) вазелином жопу себе смажь.

  18. Quan Tran says

    Stupid ideas🤣😂🤣😂

  19. Mercy Ray says

    I had an actual heart attack when you put the vaseline on the lens.

  20. Modaffar Alhamad says

    Hmmmm. What about Photoshop

  21. Siri's Studio says

    Thanks for sharing 😊

  22. ClimateCTRL says

    That dolly and slider was ingenious. Why haven't I every thought about that?

  23. Leon says

    Lol these are the most unnecessary camera hacks I’ve ever seen

  24. pranay arts says

    Broo what is BGM song name

  25. liquidhalo says

    Are you for real? Vaseline on a lens????? This should be called 10 tips in 100 seconds for chumps and chimps. Are you serious??

  26. Rahul Sharma says

    @0:50 I wouldn't do that

  27. Naufal ASTR says

    Boleh juga nih, keren bro

  28. ExoticLuck says


  29. Christopher Giachetti says

    Smosh intro

  30. Godintheskys says

    I could not hack the camera because it is not an application or game

  31. Anisa Rinaldo says

    Not so cool

  32. SINternet Entertainment says

    I don’t know about putting vaseline on my lens you my never get that stuff off there. Good tips.

  33. Rogue Wolf Creations says

    Fish wire effect looks cool

  34. Mihir Vartak says

    How to damage your camera in 100 seconds

  35. Gulraiz badshah says


  36. genk ooger says

    K-Y doesn't react to latex.
    Wait, what were we talking about?

  37. Jarkko Suominen says

    Making diffraction spikes to stars: put fishing line /guitar / piano strings in front of objective lining them as X

  38. Kay Star says

    vaseline is never fully coming off that

  39. Sam M R says

    This is more than 💯 seconds

  40. Aaron Ferguson says

    I just put Vaseline in my new 100-400GM…… Now i cant get clear pics? Whats going on?

  41. VIKTOR BIHAR says

    That was amazing!

  42. VoeJoe says

    I like the towel one!

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