z axis stabilizer for gimbal like ronin s – DigitalFoto DH04 test

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The DigitalFoto DH04 is a spring handle grip for any single handed gimbal like the DJI Ronin S, Zhiyun Crane 2 or Moza Air.
With the spring arms it will help smooth out the z-axis up and down movement.

I had the chance to test the DH04 with my Crane 2.

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  1. Bernard says

    Thanks you for sharing! I

  2. Zayd Yar Khan says

    These manufacturers stole the designs from http://www.scottymakesstuff.com

  3. mgportraits says

    OMG! Thank you fro sharing! I just order mine. Cant wait!

  4. TURST67 / Zäa says

    Was this shot with lens stabilisation / IBIS turned ON or OFF?

  5. IMNMEDIA KC says

    Can you give me a better idea on the dampening & Spring knobs? I just got this thing today and its really awesome. I would just like to fine tune it the right way. I would just be walking or jogging at max. Thanks!

  6. Byron Paucar says


  7. Melvin Raschke says

    Will it fit for the Moza Air?

  8. Dutch Heavyweight says

    Will this fit an dji osmo handle?

  9. The BroCasters says

    Great tool for 2 handed use and makes turns 3 axis nearly in 5! I have a quick tip to make single handed gimbal use easier. Can you please watch this and let me know what you think https://youtu.be/pP4EMZTH9Iw

  10. Jamie Jahid says

    Thank you so much for make this video

  11. Tony Moua says

    Nice. This is by far the most affordable one I've seen. Just placed my order. Thx

  12. Ivan Kwok says

    this is very nice review of the spring handle,will this compatible with DJI RONIN S also?

  13. Madagascar Multimedia says

    Thanks for the video Gregor! I was looking at that for sometime. Do you know if i could fit my Zhiyun Crane plus with the DH04? As the handle on the crane plus is smaller than the crane 2.

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