Studio Tour // When Should You Get A Photography Studio?

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JUST A QUICK NOTE: This is a shared studio space that I joined 3 years ago and not an individual effort to get the studio to the place where it is today. There were a lot of hands that went into creating what is now known as Colony Studios. It takes a village.

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  1. Nathan Elson says
  2. Michael Nylif says


  3. djv gaming says

    why is video black and white

  4. Adisorn Ruangsiridecha says

    Love your content! Thanks Nathan!

  5. Jael Ramon says

    I love your studio!

  6. Amazing studio you got … congratulations!

  7. PAWELECphoto says

    As a fellow studio owner ( in Toronto, I can relate and am glad that you state the hard facts (pros/cons) of having a studio. I recently re-signed my lease and spent a solid month debating if the overhead was worth it… esp being in Canada w/ at least 2-3 months of downtime due our winter season/holidays. Property costs in Toronto are huge (my studio is 1,300 sq ft) in downtown (Queen St E), but having my own creative space and one that clients appreciate as well is a huge benefit.

    Keep up the great vids!

  8. Dj Toman says

    So glad I watched this and learned that the past tense of "wing" is "wung".

  9. John Koster says

    Been struggling with this very thing. Thank you for your insights. Great space!

  10. Henry R. says

    Sorry for adding a comment that doesn't speak to the outstanding quality and usefulness of the video but… now that I see that your nose looks like a stripper twerking, I can't unsee it. I liked and subbed, I'm sorry.

  11. Sungkyul Kim says

    Thank you for the tour! A quick question. Have you had any problem with using Dell laptop (I think I just saw the laptop that your studio has)? I am considering switching from Macbook Pro but worried about reliability and stuff. Thanks in advance!

  12. Dr.Thanh Studio says

    Love the content. Much appreciate it !!!!

  13. Russ Dixon says

    great info thanks for taking the time to share, love the mono filming format.

  14. Strobepro Studio Lighting says

    Great points and breakdown on your decision process in getting the studio. You forgot to mention the "ohhhh crap what have I done" moment after signing the first lease. So happy to see you doing well and rocking the nicest studio in Calgary.

  15. Solomon David Gomez Vlogs says

    Your studio is so dope, what an incredible studio man. Congrats. Thank you for the video too great advice.

  16. Kendrick Disch Creative says

    That's an amazing studio space! I don't have the volume of work yet (I just ventured out on my own after 8 years working for corporate!), but I'm hoping to have something like yours in a year or two! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Victor Panlilio says

    Very helpful vid, Nathan! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community.

  18. Carey Daffern says

    I always give you a thumbs up, great video always. Now could we see a photoshoot with a BEAUTIFUL model.😎

  19. BJ says

    Dude, why in B+W for studio tour?

  20. kofi morgan says

    Hey Nathan,

    Great video! Just wondering…how much square feet is your studio? The spaces here in Toronto is quite expensive for the amount of square footage. Also what is your thought on renting out the studio to other photographers to cover some of the cost of then studio (when you have a slow month).

  21. Eduardo Carrasco says

    Nathan being a little sassy this time around 😉. Overall very informative video. Thanks Nathan!

  22. Ricardo Bernardo says

    Very realistic, the pros and cons about getting a studio!

  23. broncojonnes says

    I was told there would be hot chicks

  24. Kyle Pilkey says

    hey Nathan, did you choose to rent or buy your space. I am in the market right now for a space.

  25. Vinh Huynh says

    Every time I saw your studio in the vids I thought you shot in an industrial style residential loft because of the kitchen. Awesome studio – I've got goals now!

  26. Bee Lovan says

    Wow amazing! You have such a beautiful studio

  27. Todd Kuhns says

    great video

  28. Michael Jørgensen says

    Hello Nathan.
    I love your contet.
    Start making more 😀👍🎉

  29. GE KO says

    Hi Nathan, your content is always interesting and inspirational. Thank you for that! Keep up the good work. Greetings from germany

  30. Jay Cubitt says

    Before I even watch this video, I just want to say a quick word. I realize that it takes a lot of work and time to make this content, but you need to know that your videos are important, at least to me…lol. I absolutely LOVE your content and I wish you had time to make more. I'm not even in the same genre of photography as yourself, but I always find myself learning from you and being inspired by your videos. As a fellow Canadian I thank you for representing, as well as introducing me to StrobePro. They're awesome. Please keep up the great work and I hope this message reaches you and maybe gives you a small boost as its the least I can do to thank you as a big fan and someone who is better because of YOU! All the success to you bro. Cheers!

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