Recreating Our Old School Photos! (Beauty Break)

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It’s back-to-school season so we went back to school to remake our adorable, cringy, and childhood school pictures – choppy bangs & all!! Is this our most successful photo recreating challenge yet?? MAYBE. Is it also our most terrifying?? PERHAPS. You decide!!

Watch Pt 1 & 2 of this unofficial series…
Best Friends Copy Each Other’s Instagram Photos ►►
Recreate Celebrity Vacation Instagrams ►►

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  1. Zara Khan says

    The new Matilda

  2. Coco Bean says

    I'm threeeeeeee! Lmao

  3. Sadie Godes says

    Joslyn is 36, Lily is 28

  4. Alfy_H13 says

    Re-create theme park photos

  5. Lola Polovina says

    Lily is only 28!!! Joslyn is 36

  6. Faith ASMR / ASMR for life says

    I have bangs now but I am growing them out

  7. Chelsea Williams says

    You all should do your prom photos!

  8. Lu-Lu Foster-Dolan says

    Lily’s eyes have got greener from wen she was little

  9. Emilie Hettes says

    only betty and archie look alike

  10. Kubura Kitty says

    I just loved this and I enjoyed lot thank you for this video

  11. Remal Hassan says

    lily looks amazing with straight hair 😍 4:02

  12. sian turner says

    Casual ddlg kink shaming 👌👌

  13. stan pentagon says

    when my mom left me at kindergarten for the first time i honestly thought she was selling me

  14. Rebecca Johnstone says

    When lily had blond hair she looked like lily Reinhart 😂

  15. Illusionen says

    Do you guys know the name of the photographer?

  16. Gabriella Steffen says

    OMG Joslyn at first i though you where your high school pic

  17. Yuki Katsura says

    I found the difference

  18. Sara Hutson says

    Both of Lilly's
    pictures she looks like her name would be Sally

  19. Death Note says

    There is a random troll on the wall
    It has blue hair and a yellowish green

  20. Katie Collins says

    Joslyn looks like Sofia Torres from greys anatomy in the first picture

  21. oneofakind says

    I highly highly doubt miss busy body could sit around and do nothing forever lol cute shirt tho

  22. Diana Janna says

    Oh my gosh Joselyn looks so different!

  23. Diana Janna says

    Nah Lillie exagerrated her photo she did not look scared it could’ve been so pretty dang

  24. Spacekruxo says

    I really want to see Erin do this

  25. Er7282 2 says

    Lily looks like a member of ABBA in her first look 😂😂😂😂

  26. Lindy Soto says

    She removes her eyebrows and her nose gets bigger

  27. Yuki Katsura says

    I like the picture of lily when she was 3. 1 like = 1 more video of recreating old pictures

  28. Kylie Sullivan says

    OMG. I thought Joslyn was like 29… 36! Wow, you look sooo good! As for Lily, I thought you were about that age to! 28!! YOU ARE BOTH SOOO GORGEOUS!

  29. Karis Gaines says

    Lol i love october fest.i go every year now but I couldn’t go last year bc it kept raining so it got rained out.

  30. trisha rai says

    Joslyn used to be beautiful. She is still but she used to be gorgeous as a child. Like in the teenage one she looka like lauren graham in the gilmore girls era

  31. Evie Ruck says

    Omg I still have bangs and all my friends love it 😂❤️

  32. taylerjb14 says

    Lily fr at first looked like Violet from Willy Wanka And The Chocolate Factory😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Iman Evangeline says

    when is sound guy ever gonna create the bikini photos @ClevverStyle

  34. Dominique Unique says

    In the first pic jos looked like the mean girl in snoopy and Charlie Brown

  35. Casandra Lynn says

    You guys were actually so cute in your baby photos the first ones 🤗

  36. Casandra Lynn says

    I feel like every parent gets stuck in this bad bang phase cuz i had ugly bangs forever and now i have a 3 year old that I'm constantly trying to let get bangs grow out but then they get to this length that's still too short to put back but it's too long it's going over get eyes and then when i say I'm letting them grow out so she can get out of the bad bangs phase even though he's are cute on her lol but everytime i try letting them grow out we have done kind of event or family party or some kind or formal thing and i want her hair perfect so i end up bringing her to get her bangs trimmed up again so i think that's how some kids stay with bangs for a while atleast that's my case with my daughter lol but she actually likes her bangs and they are so cute when i do her little space buns or an Elsa braid cuz that's her idol lol so she does like them 😂

  37. nawra isa says


  38. Masheda Miah says

    It’s literally 8:30 in the morning and I’m awake

  39. Amelia G says

    You should recreate your subscribers/followers Instagram photos!!

  40. Abiana N. says

    When joslyn shows her adult bang picture she looks like Colleen ballinger.

  41. Aquesadilla Pooponcheese says

    I've finally realized that Joslyn looks just like Marisa Tomei

  42. Soph Monster says

    Jocelyn’s first photo looked like mr grinch

  43. Addie Alexander says

    I want Lily's long hair back, it looks really dead right now

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