Photograph – Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)

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Photograph – Ed Sheeran (Lyrics)
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Directed by Emil Nava

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  1. Heather Willis says

    Don't click read more

    Read more

  2. Nadir Said says

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! 😉

  3. MyCats&Me Paige says

    if only the strongest of love could stay in a photograph forever..

  4. saba gul says

    come on yall just stop this feb 2019 and all .. we all freaking knowwww.. one comments is enough why is everyone commentingggg.. this is a beautiful song all u have to comment is a calender? ugh

  5. Michael Orpe says

    I listen to this 38291919919191 times a day lol

  6. Shahriar Akash says

    I m Shahriar , worked on also Fiverr market place a lot with Photo editing. Manipulation,

    Retouching, Photo Background Removal, White background etc

    please contact me for any kind of photo editing.

  7. Davy M. says

    Listening at 12:29 AM💔

  8. Rambahadur Shresth says

    And if

  9. Jcoperio.12 Jcoperio.12 says

    it s true loving can hurt always

  10. Jcoperio.12 Jcoperio.12 says

    wow cool

  11. Angelica Palarca says

    Still listening to this song, Everytime i was being hurt by someone i loved.

  12. Vega Andaru says

    i thought this was the nickelback one

  13. Golden Freddy says

    Poha, só tem comentário de "Quem tá assistindo em 2019?" Aff toma no meu cu krl

  14. Aria Syahira says

    Who still hearing now

  15. Sophia Guzman says

    February 22 2019????Btw I came here to cry again after a broekn heart.Uwaaagh

  16. Robin Dreamer says

    it brings back so many memories
    miss this

  17. Amanda W says

    I love this song because in primary I went to he pavilion and performed his song with 3 of my other friends

  18. Iliana says

    Where our eyes are never closing, our hearts are never broken and time's forever frozen…
    Grandma, your eyes closed, my heart broke and I tried to froze time but it didn't work.
    Now you're up there and I'm still down here waiting patiently for the time I'll fall into your loving arms again.
    I love you, I miss you and I promise I'll never forget you.
    We will meet again.
    Rest in peace my beloved one!

  19. ชอบกินฝรั่งมากครับ

  20. Leen Bazzoun says

    i love you ed sheeran 😍😍😍

  21. marcelo Zanoni says


  22. marcelo Zanoni says


  23. Becca Tesfaye says

    RIP brozzy forever song

  24. bliss alexis Palomino says

    Bliss Chris love you😘😘😘❤️😘❤️😘

  25. Miss Koala says

    I miss u bae hmm ;(

  26. Hayden Smith says

    Who is listening in March 2019???

  27. Nessa San says

    Eu te amo….

  28. Haley Kaleita says

    I just realized what this song means,

  29. Esther Maria De Oliveira says


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