NEW VERSION! | PortraitPro 17 | Tutorial and Review

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It’s out! Portrait Pro 17 has been released and it’s pretty amazing! More accurate face detection, skin tones, blemish removal, and more.

Here’s a promo code: DUSTIN10

Download a trial:

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


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All images copyrighted: © Dustin Meyer Photography, 2017

  1. John Kaddouri says

    Hey Dustin, That was one of the better tutorials I have watched. Being new to this side of the photography, what you did working through the edits, and sharing your thought process, selecting, and making corrections to get the outcome you wanted has helped me immensely. I have actually done a number of edits, with little, to no experience, thanks to you! And the best part of it, the person who I shot, was extremely pleased, and has scheduled several other shoots with her children. Thank you!


    Tnk u

  3. alyantz Videography says

    is this one support raw in fuji camera

  4. Sagar Salve says

    nice by brother very eji

  5. paul bolton says

    Dustin, have you ever applied for the job of Harrison Fords stand in.?

  6. Upendra says

    can you please give me free download link

  7. Joey Mantka says

    This tool will allow you to focus more on what you really want to see. This is much better than applying the usual "Dodge and Burn" process which takes a lot of time and steps. I have the 17 and it's still good.

    My photographer friends still think I an using Photoshop for retouching portraits. Also they are wondering how come I can do the retouching stuff so fast with all that shadow effects well placed.. LOL.

    You can perform like a Photoshop master with zero knowledge in Photoshop.. LOL. All you need is an "eye" for your art.

    A real time and effort saver.

  8. Alfonso López says

    no es la version 17 es la 15

  9. saur creativity says

    Can we take png file for editing??? I took it but couldn't save it – it's showing me an error – plz update ASAP – I HAVE PORTRAIT PRO 15 VERSION

  10. imeFulO 49ersClub says

    Hi Dustin. Very good video. Thanks very much. I am new to PortraitPro, having trialled the demo.

    Guess what, I used the DUSTIN10 promo code yesterday, and i got a £20 discount. Thank you very much for that. Promo Code is still active.

  11. Eugene T. Hamill says

    Hi Dustin, great video. Is it possible to do a new background on a non portrait image, it keeps asking for face rego but no face. Could you tell me how I bypass this situation thanks. I have an image of a deli product with a white space on the top half of my image, just to give you some idea of what I'm doing.

  12. Klia Klia says

    is it better than photoshop??

  13. ARbull says

    what if you had a portrait of a couple, how would this work?

  14. ARbull says

    what about back ground changes? Can that software do this?

  15. Dj Absolute says

    The only issue that i have with using this software is not being given the option to de-select the facial features that has been selected in the software. For instance editing a portrait of someone that has sun glasses on. It would be great if there's an option to deselect where the software thinks the eye should be and focus on the tip of the nose and the outline of the face in order to help edit it right. This goes with portraits taken from the side as well since it will want you to manually select both eyes, and both corners of the mouth. I think you should be able to select just one eye or one corner of the mouth if that is all that's visible.

  16. Bill Morley says

    It's nice to see what the newest version has to offer but your presentation leaves a lot to be desired. Recording your video at 2am doesn't help matters and the fact that you are mostly unfamiliar with the software compounds the confusion. So for gosh sakes, man, get your act together before submitting it to the public!

  17. Harlean Hudson-Hansen says

    I bought the program and really like it ! I have a question. Is there way to "lighten" eyesbrows ??

  18. Dianna Schisser says

    Wow, this is really impressive.

  19. Tzetzi Lazarov says

    Clearly doesnt know what he is doing – esp with the BG 🙂

  20. John Dynia says

    This tutorial is pretty useless if you aren't already familiar with the program.

  21. Darya Said says

    Masking on this software is not good at all, and cannot be compared to Photoshop in any ways… It does good things, but more needs doing…
    Thanks for your effort…

  22. Anthony Morales says

    I purchased it and it is an awesome software. But I would like to see a tutorial on a face that has lots of blemishes such pimples or rough skin.

  23. Alexandre D'acol says

    Nice video Dustin, did you take this picture? And if yes, what camera did you use because this is a very sharp and crispy photo. Keep up with the good work!

  24. Vincent Belford says

    How do I make Portrait Pro 17 a Plugin for Light Room?

  25. thanks for the walk through. Glad it wasn't "totally" practiced, going back and forth helped me understand more functions and outcomes. Good delivery. Doable!

  26. Lynne Marie says


  27. Conrad Ferdinand says

    Excellent Video ,well done Dustin

  28. Debra Sedillo says

    I just purchased Portrait Pro 17 bundle, Thank You so much for your video's

  29. Umar Abid says

    I am new to this I want to know if there is a crash course for wedding production and a course that can teach some who has never used this program before.

  30. REZA SH says

    hi, how i can download this free

  31. AO&JO Photography says

    When I import a dng sometimes the edit I made in lightroom does not show up. Do you know why that is?

  32. Stan SPb says

    It was interesting how you worked through functions you had not used before, it gives the impression that it easy to figure out on the fly. It is, I started with Version 15 and really did not read any instructions and was up and running in a few minutes. I upgraded to Studio 17 when it came out so I could process RAW files, and just tonight, when editing 300 images from an event, at 3a.m. I upgraded to 17 Studio Max which allows batch processing. It takes a while so create a batch and turn it on. Came back an hour later and they were all done. I had picked out a few to do for larger prints, which I processed manually but the rest came out really good.
    The changes to 17 I notice most is the accuracy of the face feature detection, the presets, speed. It would have taken me 2 days to prepare the files in Photoshop so it has already paid for itself. The features I use the most are the modeling light module, makeup module and skin softening module, but swapping backgrounds or just background adjustments as a new feature in version 17 is really handy. In one event, I was able to come in early, set up lighting and shoot a good background that featured the logos and event signage, using two strobes. When the event started all that was put away and I just shot people wherever they were in the many exhibit areas and replaced the backgound with the set photos done earlier.

    One complaint….ads. There are everywhere, I must see 50 a day and the biggest problem is all the images are way overprocessed so look like plastic skin. The best part of Portrait Pro 17 is it only looks fake when pushed too hard, but more subtle settings are very realistic, which is what should be shown it ads.

    Anyone processing a lot of images with people in them will find this quite useful. In events, decent lighting is not available so even defused shoe mounted flash can be useful to get the exposer than using Portrait Pro 17 to create contour and shadow definition with the modeling light function really makes such shots stand out above other event shooters


    Just bought this software and I am very impressed. Finding your instruction videos was a big bonus and really helpful and very interesting. Keep up the good work dude.

  34. Michael Kelly says

    I like the fact that he is trying to show all this software can do, however if I had to do all what he is doing i could have used photoshop and done 100 to 1 of his. I have this software and love it but only use it to speed up my workflow in terms of skin only……..and use photoshop for other edits ……just me two cents worth…

  35. Franci Lucero says

    I bought it and love it!

  36. Rhj Visuals says

    I did contact portraits Pro they said only studio and studio max have plugins for Lightroom but I don’t see the distinction on thier website

  37. Rhj Visuals says

    I was going to but didn’t want to purchase wrong product if it didn’t have plugin. Do you offer training on there latest version?

  38. Rhj Visuals says

    Hey Dustin how do you install portrait Pro in adobe Lightroom?

  39. GUERRO06 says

    I was looking at their website….do you know in their bundle package ANTHROPICS COLLECTION include's version 17??

  40. Artur Biszczan says

    Super. Thank You… 🙂

  41. GUERRO06 says

    great video!!! can this be used in lightroom-6?

  42. Phil Megamarketing says

    wow great video.

  43. michael 232 says

    Great video. I find watching you experimenting and commenting on the resulting effects great and very informative. Personally I like to see you speaking in the vid rather than some disembodied voice.

  44. Stan Schurman says

    Is it just me who finds that having Dustin up in the corner distracting? It isn't necessary.

  45. Alina Barbi says

    I love new version of Portraitpro. i really waiting for this stunning software but finally it launch. i personally use it on Thanks for sharing……..

  46. zapadeeboom says

    Ummm I know your intention was to review the App, But Wow! Please practice before you do something like this – you should really cut out all of your "learning" time on camera. We don't need to see you flounder and show us that you don't know much at all about the app – Just not very useful and a huge waste of time to watch you learn how to use it.

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