Make a Complete Wedding Album in 5 Minutes

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Jared Platt assembles a Smart Album in just 5 minutes.

During this clip from the CreativeLive course, Advanced Lightroom Workflow with Jared Platt, Jared was challenged to assemble a complete wedding album in just five minutes. Jared uses smart albums to make the assembling the album easy and fast.

Get more advanced tips here:

  1. Rodrigo baysic jr says

    how about changing the backgroud?Like I want to use an image for.background

  2. Taimur Ali Photography says

    How much does this album costs?

  3. rahulpadiyar padiyar says

    Good Job

  4. catalin daian says

    Too expensive. There are other alternatives. like this one:

  5. Raj Kannan says

    how to buy?

  6. Roberto Di Girolamo says

    in sicilia si chiama ghiotta di fotografie

  7. van middleton says

    The images are already culled and sorted. Guy has spent an hour prepping. Ridiculous.

  8. Naveed Abbasi says

    i like the colour of the pictures how do u edit your pictures?
    can u do tuts for editing on your pictures.?

  9. Alvarez Andy says

    what is the software name? can i know? tq

  10. Honey Thakur says

    Bhaisabh photoshop ka do na tutorial
    Ye to nakli softwares hain
    Indian ko professional banna chahi ye ye nakili ke chakkar mai kuchh ni hona Photoshop se start karo professional bano !

  11. Mark Griffiths says

    This is awesome, I just downloaded, installed and created a 125 image / 17 spread wedding album in 43 minutes! I didn't even have the images ready like this guy. I had a folder of over 400 to narrow it down from and this software made it so simple! 30 days free, If I get orders for albums I will just bang the subscription cost on top and I'm sorted! Cheers for the great video!

  12. Lloyd Benliro says

    try again. lol!

  13. Maggie Collins Photography says

    The question is …. now lets see you build the cover!

  14. Dean Turner says

    "I don't know if I'm ready" – the guy has obviously spent a while getting ready. 5 minutes my ass!

  15. Sooraj sailendran says

    any avilable for windows
    please replay…

  16. lulugoh says

    Woh this software is REALLY good! It can output to Indesign and remember all link images path! After that you can adjust everything including adding contents and cover in Indesign! Thanks for sharing~!

  17. Drogos79 says

    can I use picture as a backdrop either at full 100% TRANSPARENCY or partial? thanks much

  18. kipknee says

    Looks great!  Too bad SmartAlbums isn't available for PC platform.

  19. SharoniE says

    i like the colour of the pictures how do u edit your pictures?
    can u do tuts for editing on your pictures.?

  20. Jesse Speelman says

    Literally the most annoying YouTube video ever.

  21. Mayra Murphy says

    Hi I have a question im a a begginer if want a album 10×10 I just do my album and the lab do the rest ? 

  22. The Bedroom Musician says

    What software is he using may I know?

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