Jason Momoa Photobombs Couple’s Wedding Pics with ‘Aquaman’ Trident

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12/21/18 – More proof that Jason Momoa is the coolest guy ever! The ‘Aquaman‘ actor gave a bride and groom the greatest wedding gift – by posing down in the background of their wedding photos with his famous ‘Aquaman’ trident in hand.

Big thanks to Eric Mansperger and L’Amour Photography for letting us use their images – You can find their website here:

  1. Big Ice says

    The absolute madman

  2. DayDreamer 228 says

    My hubby would have been pissed after they developed the pics and i was straight eye banging Momoa the whole time.

  3. Maggi Fergui says

    One of the pictures looks like he is going to attack the ladies butt

  4. Nate91Dawg !!! says

    It's in makaha. Called akeys beach or turtle beach

  5. jhoshua lego says

    Lol XD cool man..

  6. Neil Gabion says

    A cool dude + Aquaman = Acoolman

  7. Suntan Superman says

    Jason momoa was seen ON CAMERA sexually assaulting a woman (more like young girl she look like 14-17) he grabbed her titty as they were taking pics. DONE. Creep. Dont care how "sexy" he is

  8. Bts Got7 Exo Nct TxT says

    OMG, I luv me some Jason Momoa.. I luv his family, they are so beautiful!!💜✌👌😏😘

  9. Shady Kermit says

    😢 I wish this happened to me

  10. howlingthunder26 says

    LMAO wonder if he gave them a signature ..awesome man

  11. Mirela Kirst Bocorny says

    Momoa é super gente boa!

  12. Monica Figueroa says


  13. I am Game says

    I met the guy very humble person
    Took a photo with him i look like a fucking hobbit tho…😅😅😅

  14. Cryborg says

    Wow didnt know ben affleck started a youtube channel

  15. kob the troll says

    He is using his mothers trident but not the three pointed one

  16. MIND BEAST says

    Nice shorts though

  17. Títí & Nia says

    Wish I was there!

  18. Megan Callahan says

    haha why is that me when i’m older

  19. Mkay Bye says


  20. Mr Camper says

    Am think he try to troll 😂😂😂😂

  21. Syaza Q says

    YES BOIIIII. Aquaman photobombed . Jason is such an awesome man 😂😂😂

  22. Xx Ace Playz xX says

    He seems like such a nice person! ^-^

  23. Dandre Lewis says


  24. Vladimir Alexander says


  25. LaLa Icyling says

    MCU has Anthony Mackie, DCU has Jason Momoa

  26. DARK YODA says

    Jason your not in the ocean. I think you got washed up.

  27. The Spider-Man says

    I want this guy to photobomb my ex.

  28. Zion Fernando says

    Me: DC is too sad and not really funny
    Jason: Hold my beer

  29. Brian Cairns says

    That’s not the actual Trident

  30. mike says

    Its a quindent you bigot

  31. Koffee Bar says

    The bigger piece goes to Jason

  32. Jordan says

    We need more cool people like Jason Momoa in the world.

  33. Zerowing 321 says

    Nice pronouncing the word Oahu I can't tell you how much ppl pronounce my home land wrong

  34. Bamster 0007 says

    But it’s not a trident tho

  35. CoralBreeze S. says

    He's the coolest actor and my favourite actor of all time!

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